Julie and Derek


How We Met

Coming from both France and the US, but meeting in Ireland, the international setting of the church group was an unlikely place to meet one’s, soul mate. But it was only when we went away on a group trip together that we really got to know each other. We immediately hit it off when we learned we had a lot of the same interests, travel, culture, languages, and interest in esoterica.


We talked late into the night and realized we had a lot in common despite completely different backgrounds; that’s what keeps it interesting, constantly learning and discovering. We learned we are kindred spirits seeking knowledge. What better way than to find that on a path with someone interested in walking that road with you.


How They Asked

COVID, the perfect setup. This would provide the serendipitous cover to set up the surprise. When you’re not allowed to travel, shop, and prepare, it’s a great alibi for not being able to propose the way she would expect. Expectations suitably dampened, the first challenge was getting the ring. Picking it was not an obstacle; getting it would be a different story. A little bit of ingenuity, subterfuge, and some lucky timing would overcome this, but proposing in the perfect place was the second challenge. Taking advantage of a lucky break in the travel restrictions would offer the perfect chance.

We had the opportunity to be in her favorite place on earth, Cap Ferret, just outside Bordeaux, where she was from. The voluptuous dunes overlooking the vast Dune du Pilat were her happy place. Conspiring with the photographer, I slipped the ring in his pocket and we headed off on our engagement photoshoot. At the point of kneeling in the tufts of marram, I asked if the photographer would have a ring more appropriate for the setting, he tossed the perfect ring, in the perfect place for the perfect moment. The photos captured the unfiltered reaction.

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