Julie and Corey

How We Met

Corey and I met at a mutual friend’s birthday party. We grew up 15 minutes from one another but never crossed paths until the party (which, by the way, both of us tried to get out of going to that night). However, the best choice we made was letting our friends convince us to go there so that we could meet and receive the best gift fate ever gave us – eachother.

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How They Asked

Corey and I had planned to take a trip to the Azores, Portugal since we began dating as it holds a special place in his heart because his parents were born there. Finally, after five years of dating – we decided to travel to Portugal in July of 2019 and to our surprise, both of our parents wanted to be a part of the trip. I began planning things for us to do and became fixated on the beauty of the Sete Cidades and the cute story that accompanied the explanation for the two-colored waters. You can google it, but the short is that a Princess with green eyes and Prince with blue eyes were forced to part so they both cried and formed the two seas, one being blue and one being green.

After being in Portugal a few days, we finally took the trip to see the Sete Cidades. Upon staring at the beauty, Corey began telling me how excited he was we finally took this trip and how he can’t imagine seeing it all without me. Before I knew it, he was down on one knee and I heard our parents screaming from afar and saw a local photographer snapping photos. I was in absolute shock and the only words I could utter out were “yes!”. It was by far the most romantic thing Corey has ever done for me, and the easiest decision I have ever made. The Sete Cidades now has a whole new story for us to talk about.

Special Thanks

Paulo Ponte
 | Planning
Luis Sousa
 | Photographer
Anabela & Eduardo Estrela and Jeff & Diane Peterson
 | Planning
Blue Nile
 | Ring