Julie and Caleb

Her side: On the Friday of Labor Day weekend I came home early from work to start our holiday weekend. Caleb and I take turns planning a date night each Friday night and always spend the evening together. It was his week to plan and I came home to find him in the kitchen cooking a four course meal for our date. Caleb loves to cook and I was excited to see what he created. He is also very romantic. So when he lit candles and put on music, I never thought that this might be a historic day. When it was time for dessert, he took some champagne out of the fridge and said we needed to celebrate. When I asked “For what?” He got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife. My amazing fiancé had found the perfect way to propose. He proposed in the home we had made for ourselves and the best part is that I had no idea. It was such a surprise and I was beyond excited.

His Side: After dating Julie for about 7 minutes, I realized that I wanted to marry her. After about 7 years, I was pretty sure she would say yes. So, I got a ring (which burned a hole in my pocket for about a month), got the okay from the parents, and went for it. I wanted to propose in our new condo so I planned to surprise Julie with a nice dinner…of course she decided to come home early from work for the first time ever. We enjoyed a nice evening of food, wine and music. When it was time for dessert I pulled out the ring and popped the question. I think maybe she was expecting cupcakes because she cried a little, but she said yes and here we are, happier than ever.

Photo by WASIO Photography