Julie and Alex

Julie and Alex's Engagement in On an airplane!

How We Met

Well, we’ve only been dating for two years but we’ve known each other since we were 15. My dad used to be a car technician and he fixed Alex’s parents car. In high school, we met and became the ultimate best friends. He would make me laugh like no other but he would also be there for me at times when I was afraid (I used to hate the dark when I was home alone). We were friends throughout most of high-school but then our friendship dwindled. Once I came back from college, we had great conversation over some sushi and we were back at it being friends. After many hangouts when I thought they were as just friends, he thought of them as dates! Little did I know that the next big hangout was my friend’s wedding and that’s where it started!

Where to Propose in On an airplane!

how they asked

Our Story April 28, 2018: We got on the southwest flight FLL-MSY for a mini vacation to celebrate Alex’s parents anniversary and I was not feeling so well (I don’t like flying so much). We got through an hour of it and I was still feeling nauseous. Alex said that he had to go to the bathroom so at the point I just decided to try to go to sleep with my head pillow and headphones. The stewardess came on the speaker and says “We had a lost article from the airport turned into us. If this important item belongs to you please let him know.” I see Alex walking down but I couldn’t see the item but on his way up I heard awe’s and claps…it was a sign that said: “Will you spend forever with me?”

Then, of course, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was in complete shock and I loved his creativity for this! The flight crew were all involved, had reserved seats for us, a bottle of champagne waiting, and were so excited for us! Then as we were descending, a stewardess gave us some words of encouragement and played my favorite song Forever Like That by Ben Rector. This song I’ve always dreamed of as my first dance song since college. Luckily, I got Alex into him too. At that moment, life stopped and everything was settling in that I am getting married to the man of my dreams. Then when we landed, a limo was waiting for Alex and I to take us around the new city and to the hotel with some champagne. Later on, that day after we all got ready there was one more surprise. As we were trying to find this rooftop bar, Alex brought up a random guy named Mark. Little did I know he hired a photographer to take engagement/anniversary pictures! We walked around the French Quarter and felt like we were on cloud nine. This was a day that I will never forget and will cherish forever.