Julie and Adam

Where to Propose in Missouri Botanical Garden

How We Met

Adam and I met in what is probably one of the most unromantic places possible, jury duty. I arrived at the court at 8 in the morning, took a seat and prepared for a long day of waiting. I was surprised when a cute guy sat down next to me and introduced himself. We spent the next half hour or so chatting about college and and pets before I got called to be in a case. I was so happy to potentially be free I bolted out the door leaving him behind. Fortune would have it however that when it came to my lunch break, the same guy as before was just leaving his case, so I quickly flagged him down and we sat and ate. He shared photos of his French bulldog, Chubs, and I began hoping that this wouldn’t be the last time I saw him. I ended up not being called to the jury and went to leave. I waved goodbye, disappointed that nothing would come out of this encounter with such a perfect guy. I got three stories up before I realized that I couldn’t leave without taking the chance of possibly getting to know this guy better. I ran back down stairs and was thrilled to find he was still there. I was too afraid to ask for a date so I asked to add him on Facebook so that I could help him with career opportunities. He confessed that he wanted my number for other reasons. Numbers were exchanged and I left that day excitedly texting my friends and family about the amazing guy I just met. However, there was some disappointment as I knew I’d be moving to Kentucky at the end of the year for medical school, so there likely wouldn’t be any future with this guy. I was wrong!

how they asked

We had been doing long distance for three months, and I had planned to fly back to St.Louis for Adam’s 30th birthday weekend! After being apart, I couldn’t wait to see him and run into his arms! He picked me up from the airport on Oct. 28th and we planned to have brunch at the botanical gardens the next morning. I always talked to Adam about how the gardens were my favorite place. I loved all the flowers, and getting to look out at the beautiful scenery during brunch! He told me it was a birthday tradition to dress up,so he put on his blue suit and I dressed in blue to match and off we went! In the months before this, I had frequently made jokes about each day being engagement day. While at brunch, I told him how beautiful of a spot it would be, and how I was going to propose to him. Just a typical day for us. After brunch we decided to walk the gardens. We stopped by a Japanese garden and I jokingly got down on one knee and proposed to him, saying it was a beautiful occasion. He rejected my offer and we walked on. We got to my favorite spot in the entire garden, an area over looking the koi pond. It was an absolutely beautiful day! It was nice and warm and the leaves were starting to turn their fall colors. I commented that this would have been a beautiful place to get engaged. I didn’t notice that he’d stopped walking. He said to me, “This IS the place. Today’s engagement day.” I was so surprised I started half laughing, half crying. I was completely overwhelmed. He then asked me, “So you gonna marry me or what?” A very special question, as it mirrored the way his dad proposed to his mom. I was so happy I couldn’t even answer, I just kept nodding my head yes and hugging and kissing him. Finally I got the words out.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Missouri Botanical Garden

He put a beautiful sapphire ring on my finger and we spent the afternoon taking photos in the gardens before going to share the news with our families. Before we left though, he told me to check the inside of the ring. Inside I saw the engraving, IDTYAA. It stood or ” I don’t think you’re an asshole.” A phrase that sort of became our catch phrase/ term of endearment for each other months before. A phrase that I even had engraved on a decanter I had given him for his birthday the night before. It was a perfect touch and made the ring that much more special to me. And that is how I ended up engaged to my soulmate, the absolute best person I’ve ever met. I’m the luckiest girl in the world!