Julianne and Nick

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How We Met

Nick & I met in the summer, at the last place everyone in NY/NJ would think to meet their future fiancé, Djais. The first time we met it was 2012, in Djais. The second & last time we “met” was June 9th 2013…..at Djais.

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It was a Sunday & I was driving home from Long Island sitting in 3 hours worth of bumper to bumper traffic. My friends were waiting on me to get to happy hour on time. I was contemplating on wether I was going or not the whole ride home, especially because of how long it was taking me. When I finally get home, I decided that i would just suck it up and go, even though i was exhausted. When we got there, we made our way over to our friends at the bar. As I walked over to say hello to my friend Vin, he’s screaming in my ear over the loud music that I should meet his brother, not knowing I’ve met him before. I didn’t want to look like a creepy person just going up to him and saying “hello” because I didn’t know if he remembered meeting me the summer before, so I stayed by my friends.

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About 5 minutes later, Nick ended up coming over to me and had 2 drinks in his hand, one for me & one for my friend. He said to me “how come you didn’t say hello?” I laughed and said “because I technically don’t know you.” He responded, ” yes you do, we met last summer.” By him saying that, I no longer felt creepy since he remembered meeting me, as i remembered meeting him.

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After talking for a little, one of my girlfriends wanted to take a picture of me and her but she didn’t have her phone & my phone had no storage on it. I asked Nick if he could take the picture for us & send me it. After that, Nick said to me ” I see what you did there.” I had no idea what he was talking about until I ended up giving him my number for the picture, to realize I had given him my number. Shortly after that, he ended up leaving the bar & asked me to text him when I got home. I said I would but I didn’t. The next day I went shopping with my friend Danielle & I was asking if she thought it was a good idea to text him or not. She then told me that he whispered to her at the bar “your friend is beautiful” & to give him a text.

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A text, a date, and six months of me referring to him as my “man friend” lead to us being in a relationship of almost four years.

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how they asked

My mother has been sick for almost 3 years with cancer & since the new year, it has been nothing but an emotional rollercoaster for me, myself & my family. The end of January my mother was in the hospital in NYC for 3 weeks, once she came home we thought she was going to be a lot better. After one day of being home, she got rushed to the emergency room in staten island. With her basically living in the hospital for all of February into March, its safe to say my life has been far from normal and a complete blur. During this time, Nick showed just how good of a person he really is being there for my family. Knowing I haven’t been myself he decided to plan his proposal around my mom to bring some happiness back to me.

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Each year for Valentines day we go to a steakhouse, but because of everything going on, this years plans got postponed. During the week of the proposal he texted me and said theres a steakhouse in NYC that he’s been wanting to try & we should go to make up for it. I was all for it, no questions asked because It was nice to actually have a plan & a nice dinner! He asked what time my last client was on Saturday & asked if I could be ready for 6:00. From the looks of my schedule on the Monday before, I was getting out of work by 4:30 & as long as my hair was done I would be ready to go. All week I was saying how excited I was for dinner on Saturday night. Friday night, Nick & I hung out & he was so normal, he didn’t give any hints that this proposal was happening the next day. Except for the fact that he kept laughing at me when he never laughs at my jokes.. little did i know he was laughing out of nervousness.

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-Saturday, March 4, 2017 On Saturdays I work from 9-5, and my day was like any other Saturday working in a hair salon, a bunch of girls talking about their boyfriends, proposals, rings, future weddings, babies, you know typical girl stuff. Everyone always asked me when Nick and I would be engaged & I obviously had no idea but it’ll happen when its suppose to happen. I hear my boss tell me that my last client canceled in the middle of the day & I was so happy because that gave me more time to go home & get ready. My hair was already done from work so I was able to go home & relax before I had to get picked up. 6:00 Nick comes to my house & he came in so normal. He asked me if I liked his new outfit, but I just figured he needed new clothes since he never treats himself. Before we left my house, my dad calls me about 7 times & tells me he’s at the hospital & forgot blankets for my mom that she needed them & asked if we can stop there to bring them up for her. I thought nick was going to be annoyed that it was now 6:25 with now a stop on the way, with 7:00 dinner reservations but he had no problem with it.

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As we’re on the way to the hospital, I said I think we should have someone come down to grab them from the car so we can leave quicker, mind you I didn’t eat all day because I couldn’t wait for this steak dinner, so I was starving! He insisted we went up to go see her because its been a few days since he was there and saw her. So now here we are, decked out for dinner, walking through the hospital with all eyes on us.

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We walk into the room that my mom is staying in & my brother, sister, dad, mom & Nicks parents were all there, nothing out of the ordinary. My mom looked so good with her hair blown out & some makeup on where I made a comment that she looks great today & she responded with ” well I feel great today,so i wanted to look great!.” They tried to get me to take my coat off to stay a little but I knew we had reservations and I couldn’t wait to eat. Nick told me he changed the reservations for another hour so we didn’t have to rush. At that moment, my sister gets my attention which makes me turn around & as I turn back around my mom is holding Nick’s PBA card (he’s part of the NYPD) & says ” Jule look what I have” and I was so confused to why she had it in her hand in the middle of the hospital room. I asked her why she had that because we get them for Christmas & she said nick gave her a new one and handed me it. I turn it over & the card reads ” Please extend courtesy, FIANCE” with my first name & his last name + the date. I was in complete shock what I was reading. I turn to Nick & he gets down on one knee in front of our families, completely freezes & says ” will you?” I may not have said yes right away but he knew I meant yes as I stared at him & repeatedly said “oh my god” at this box with this beautiful ring in it. After we left the hospital, he then surprised me with a few of my friends & his family at his house for a mini celebration!

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It was a beautiful night, he got me thats for sure.. I didn’t get the steak dinner, but I did get a fiancé & a beautiful ring!!!