Julianne and Kristian

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How We Met

Kristian and I met in high school actually, and we we’re great friends for many years before we started dating. I always described him as “such a catch” – we all have a friend like that. Eventually we were working across the street from each other, going for coffee and lunch breaks together, and then making plans after work to go climbing, running, or on some other sort of adventure. We have a lot of common interests and eventually we were seeing each other so often that my coworkers thought we were dating – And that’s when it hit me – I kinda like this guy! Then I panicked.

I spent a reasonable number of months in denial, and I remember stressing about being “that girl” that gets a crush on one of the guys in her circle of friends. If this went south, it could be irreparable for our friendship! Eventually I ended up on a ski trip in Whitefish with Kristian’s entire family, as I am also friends with his brother and sister. Lucky for me, Kristian’s sister spread the news that I had a big crush – Which is great because this would’ve likely gone on forever without her little nudge.

From there, we certainly didn’t rush anything! It was a slow, careful progression because we both wanted to make sure we were making the right choices, being careful of our other friends & how this would affect them, and while still following our hearts. We wanted to be sure this was the real deal and not a careless fling.

Then one day, Kristian came flying through the doors of my office with a bouquet of flowers and his heart beating through his chest. He told me he didn’t want to spend another day without me. It was a moment I’ll never forget, and that was three and a half years ago now.

how they asked

Kristian and I were planning on spending a relaxing weekend in Banff at one of my favourite hotels. After a crazy busy summer, we both just needed some R&R. We planned a 17km mountain trail run for Saturday morning, so after breakfast at the hotel we got ready in our full running gear, ready for a couple hours outside on a chilly fall morning.

We pulled up to the trailhead, stretched, and we were off with Kristian in the lead (just in case there were any bears on the trail!). About 100m into the run, I see a bouquet of flowers on the ground and around the corner, a photographer. I just figured it was a tourist as there are lots in that area, and for the flowers, well, for a split second I actually thought I was running into someone else’s proposal!!

Kristian picked up the bouquet turned to me – and then I realized, this was MY proposal!

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I gasped, and I was overwhelmed with excitement as I then saw the sign “Walk Our Story” and realized that “tourist” was actually Corrina, an amazing wedding photographer in our city.

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Kristian grabbed my hand and led me down a path which had framed pictures of us from vacations, dates or fun moments we had together. We walked down the trail and admired the images. I was also trying to get a grip and keep my mascara from going everywhere…

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Beside a huge rock in the forest was an antique table with a floral garland, candles, macarons, and a bottle of champagne nested among floral ice cubes. It was truly breathtaking!

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There was a letter on the table, which Kristian picked up, untied the silk bow, and read to me. He didn’t shake, he wasn’t stressed – He was beaming!

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Kris then got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him – Making me the happiest girl on the planet.

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We then enjoyed macarons, and popped the champagne as I admired this beautiful tablescape. I asked how this all happened, as it was apparent someone had to be behind the scenes here – It was absolute perfection! At this point in the story, I should mention – I am actually a wedding planner. I own a business and my team recently launched a new program for planning proposals in addition to weddings… What I didn’t know was that I was the first proposal client!

I kept asking how he pulled this off without getting any clear answers, then suddenly my entire team jumped out from behind the huge rock – Surprise! They had been planning this at work without me knowing, which still amazes me as I would talk about Kristian proposing constantly!! And then the tears really came as we all hugged and celebrated.

The girls had brought me a change of clothes, makeup, brushes, shoes, even a jacket! Everything I needed for the engagement session to follow. They had taken care of every single detail.

We had a wonderful engagement session with Corrina which truly captured our joy in every frame, the best day of our lives so far. After it was done, we went back to the hotel and celebrated at a fancy restaurant later that night, as we shared the news with friends and family.

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