Julianne and Jared

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How We Met

It all started at summer camp! Two summers ago, I started working at Camp Thurman, a camp in the heart of Pantego, Texas. My sister suggested that I sign up to work a couple of weeks in the summer after I graduated college so I said: “why not!” Camp Thurman is an amazing place where kids get to ride zip lines, sing silly songs, swim, and learn about Jesus! I met Jared one day under Sweeney’s porch while chatting with our friend Ben! I noticed how he was intentional with his campers, played games with them, and served camp so well. I had to get some more inside details on who this great guy was, so I asked a couple of friends about what he was like, how long he had been working out at camp, etc. S/o to Avocado (Elena) for putting the pieces of our puzzle together hehe! After I finished my time at camp that summer, we managed to stay connected via Instagram. Every once in a while, we commented on each other’s stories, asking about one another. Later that fall, I had a feeling that if we were talking to each other for this long after camp that there had to be something more there. So I went definitely out of my comfort zone and invited Jared to a fall festival that my friends and I were going to at Watermark one night. I had thought that it was too short of notice, that he would be busy, or too soon but to my surprise, he came! When my friends and I got there, Jared came up and said hi! Jared and I hung out the whole night, playing carnival games, and found out that we had so much in common. That next week, Jared meeting my community group and me at The Porch, a young adult ministry at Watermark, where afterward, he asked to take me on a date!

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How They Asked

So at this point, we have been dating for a little over a year. It is Thanksgiving break and I came to Arlington for the week to spend time with Jared and my family. Jared and I had already planned our week out, to make the most of it while I’m in town! I had been wanting to take Jared to see the George Bush Library because they had it all decorated for the holidays. So on Tuesday of that week, Jared came and picked me up to go! As we were walking through the library, Jared kept rushing through the exhibits and I am one that has to stop and read every panel and watch every video. I was curious as to why he was rushing through it but just thought maybe he was over the library and wanted to get back. But hey, I still took my sweet time going through it haha! Jared told me that he needed to run by camp on our way back to my parent’s house to pick up a check from working a couple facilitating days the previous week.

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Man, did I buy that haha. When we pulled up to camp, got out of the car, and saw that Sweeney’s porch (where we met) was cleared off, only leaving one table, lights, pictures of us, and our camp name signs! I started to get the feeling that something was about to happen but was just so surprised! Jared and I took a minute to look at all the pictures hanging up of us and walking down memory lane. Jared took my hand, and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was in awe that The Lord would give me such a wonderful guy to spend the rest of my life with! Of course, I said yes! A friend of Jared’s pops out from the bushes had he had been taking pictures of us this whole time! So we took some pictures around the camp and we couldn’t stop smiling! When we come back to Sweeney’s, out pops our families!

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I lost it when I saw my parents and was so surprised that my sister was there! Shad come into town that day (which she was supposed to come later that week) and I was so surprised to see her! It was such a sweet moment getting to share this with both families! Afterward, Jared said that my mom had prepared dinner at the house for everyone so we headed to my parents!

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When we got there, we walked inside and surprise!! Jared invited all our close friends to come to celebrate our engagement together! We were so happy to get to share the news with our friends because they are our Christ-like community that continues to encourage and look to The Cross daily. This day was so special to us and we are looking forward to a lifetime of celebrations together!

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Special Thanks

Aaron Shipley
 | Photographer