Julianne and Dillon

How They Asked

Last year for Christmas the only thing I opened was a love letter from him, he went on and on and on in this letter expressing how much I meant to him, how he’s never felt this way about a girl before, ya know just making my heart flutter type of letter….. he ended his letter with “I know I didn’t get you anything for Christmas this year but I promise to make it up to you on valentine’s day”…Valentine’s day came and I received another love letter from him… opening that up dropped out a separate piece of paper. it was a one-way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand ….. after that, we began planning, 9 months of planning later we set off on a 5-week trip.

We visited hong kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, and NewZealand. the upcoming days before we left on our adventure I think over 30 people asked me if I thought I was going to get engaged on this trip. Dillon saw the messages and even sat me down at one point to let me know that he didn’t want me disappointed thinking id get engaged on this trip, he explained to me that he did not feel comfortable traveling with a ring and he promised me the time would come but he wanted to enjoy this 5 week vacation with me. While on our vacation I was, even more, convinced as he was letting me go through his bag, literally, I was telling my friends back home, “guys its really not happening, IVE BEEN THROUGH HIS BAG”

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Bora Bora

We were having an absolute blast, we ended (or so I thought) our trip in Auckland, New Zealand, there one night we went out to dinner and he got out his phone to take a video, he began it with “ok so I have a surprise for you”….. my heart literally started racing I was thinking in my head “omg is he going to propose in front of all these people at dinner” I was sweating I was so nervous. His video was playing and he began to say “we actually aren’t staying in Auckland to end this trip, pack your bags because we are catching a flight to Bora Bora tomorrow morning.”

And we did just that. Packed up our bags and in the AM we were snorkeling in the bluest water. Bora Bora was absolutely amazing I was seriously on cloud nine. they literally treated us like royalty, Dillon came up to me in the pool and said “sooooo since we are basically the only ones here (its rainy season in Bora Bora so honestly we were 1 of 15 people on the island) they are treating us to a half of dinner tonight, I don’t really know the details but they will pick us up at 7 pm” again didn’t think twice because the workers loved us, since the island wasn’t busy it felt like we were actually becoming friends with the employees there.

They picked us up in a golf cart at 7 and drove us around the island, as the golf cart stopped the driver looked back at us and said “will this do”…. IT WAS BEAUTIFULLY SET UP, flowers, candles, everything you could ever imagine in a hut with only the ocean as our view. My jaw literally dropped, I couldn’t believe how lucky I felt that these employees were going all out to give me and Dillon the best experience. In my head it never crossed my mind that this was all Dillon, I mean I legit thought these employees literally loved us haha. We started with wine and Dillon wanted to talk about the future, this is where my stomach began dropping to my toes. He was asking me about my goals, and what I wanted to accomplish in 2019, he even asked me if I saw him in my future.

After every answer that came out of my mouth he couldn’t get any words out, he just kept cheering me. I swear we cheered over 11 times. I finally said “is there something wrong, you are acting very weird” and I think at that point he knew he was acting off, it was like a do or die for him. He stood up and immediately started talking about how he’s always seen me in his future. And that I’ve been the one since the first day I had met him….. he said kind of laughing “Julianne you know what I am trying to get at here”, and then he even started to tear up and finished it with “will you marry me” instant tears strolled down my face, throughout this entire trip has made every single day better for me, but tonight was unexplainable. It was an obvious YES, “YES, of course, I’ll marry you.”

The next morning every single employee at the hotel we were saying at congratulated me, they told me Dillon had been planning this for months through email, and they wanted to make the night perfect for him. it was absolutely perfect. I can’t believe I get to marry such an amazing man.

Special Thanks

Damien Gobron
 | Photographer