Julianne and Chen

how we met

We were in the same PhD program but four years apart. So we knew of each other but didn’t actually start talking until we took a class together during my seventh year and his third year. The class was on a different campus than the one we worked on, so we spent a lot of time getting to know one another while traveling between campuses.

how they asked

We were in Otaru, Japan, which is a little fishing village outside of Sapporo. We were there to look at the sakura (cherry blossoms) and in that quest found ourselves alone in a small park full of beautiful sakura trees. And then suddenly he is pulling out a ring and proposing! I was completely surprised! He had had the ring for a few weeks and brought it on our trip, wanting to find a good moment to do it. So he hadn’t planned on doing it there necessarily, but the moment apparently felt right!

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