Julianne and Andrew

How We Met

Andrew and I met through an online dating site called OK Cupid in 2013. My friend had been on the site and she convinced me to sign up. I agreed and said that it would ONLY be to chat with people, I never had any intentions of meeting anyone in person (the idea kind of scared me a bit). So, I was on for a few months and just as I was getting sick of it and ready to deactivate my profile, I get a message from a guy named Andrew. He started off his message by asking me how many push-ups I can do………….zero is the answer to that question………but, anyway we chatted back and forth and things were going quite well. My birthday had just passed and he asked me if he could take me out to dinner for my birthday. I said no. I was still too scared to meet anyone in person who I had met online. I agreed a few weeks later to meet him with a group of friends. So, one night I was out near his town celebrating my friend’s birthday (we lived about 30 minutes from each other at the time), and we decided he would come and meet me at the bar. I had already had a bit to drink, probably to calm my nerves, but it truly was love at first sight. The following week he asked me on a formal date in the city. Well, I tend to get lost a lot, a trait Andrew would later learn about me, and I was so late getting to the restaurant that we had missed our reservation. He had planned a lovely Italian dinner at a fancy restaurant, and we wound up eating burgers at a little place down the street. It was the best first date I ever had, and I knew then that it would be the last, first date I ever had.

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how they asked

Andrew got a new job late last year working for a company who’s home base is in London. Weeks after he started they flew him out to London for their company holiday party. We soon figured out that traveling to London would become a more frequent thing for him.I was instantly jealous that I could not attend, but he promised me the next time he went that I could come. So, in March he found out that he was going back in April for two weeks and we booked my flight right away. London has always been at the very top of my bucket list, so I was beyond excited to have this opportunity. He flew out on a Monday and I was going to meet him that Friday and we would fly back home together the following weekend. Friday night I got there, and once we got to our hotel from the airport it was around 11:00 at night. I had been traveling ALL day and I was exhausted and starving. So, we ordered pizza and chips (fries) from the hotel’s restaurant and ate it in bed in our room. This wound up being our go-to meal while we were there…the food in London is not great! Anyway, we ate, I unpacked, and finally decided we needed to get some sleep because we had a rather large itinerary for the next day, starting off with going to Buckingham Palace and watching the changing of the guards. Well, the night took an interesting turn, when around 2:30am a loud noise started going off in our room. We freaked out and could not figure out what it was, we looked all over the room and could not figure it out. It would start up and stop for about a minute, and then start back up. Finally, I realized I heard the noise in the hallway and we figured out it was the fire alarm going off! (Please note that fire alarms in the UK do not sound like fire alarms in the US, should you ever find yourself there!) So, we decide we better leave the building. Andrew is fumbling around with his stuff over in the corner of the room. I thought nothing of it at the time, other than “LETS GO!”. He tried to tell me to start going without him, but obviously I wasn’t going to do that. I later found out that he was trying to get the ring into his pocket without me seeing it, ya know, just in case the hotel burnt down! Anyway, we were vacated outside and were out there for about an hour. We find out that some kind of pipe burst is what caused the alarm to go off, luckily it wasn’t the worst case scenario. We go back to our room, finally get back to sleep, and around 5am the alarm goes off again, we had to go back downstairs another time, but this time we were sent back to our rooms. This obviously threw us off our schedule for waking up at 8am that morning. We got a late start on our day but headed over to Buckingham Palace anyway, unfortunately, we only caught the end of the guards changing, but the event that would happen next soon made up for that! Andrew was very adamant about seeing Hyde Park, so we walked there from Buckingham Palace. It was a bit rainy in the morning, but the day turned lovely as soon as we got to the park. We walked around a bit, and found a beautiful rose garden within Hyde Park that was dedicated to Princess Diana. It was a perfect morning, despite the previous nights’ events and I still could not believe I was in LONDON! We continued walking through the garden when I realized I needed to find my sunglasses in my bag. So, we sat down on a bench. I was fumbling around in my backpack and when I turned around… there he was on one knee! It was so surreal. I immediately burst into tears and said YES! We spent the next two hours sitting on the park bench calling our families and friends, who were all just waking up to hear the news (it was 8am in the US). I think it’s safe to say it was the best day of our lives, so far.

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