Julianne and Adam

How We Met

Where to start… Julianne and Adam first met while camping on an offroading trip in the Summer of 2016 and had no idea they would end up tying the knot just two years later. At the time, Julianne was immediately drawn to Adam due to his seemingly handsome companion, Harper the black lab, who she later found out was his brother’s dog (thank you, Cody)! They bonded over their love for the outdoors, canines, and a good campfire! Flash forward a year later when they were both searching for love in the complicated world of dating apps. When Adam found Julianne’s profile on Bumble, he was in shock and immediately swiped right, patiently waiting for her to respond for almost two weeks. When she reached out, he responded with, “I REMEMBER YOU!!” Confused, Julianne searched for more information on Adam, finally connecting the dots back to that fate-filled weekend. After briefly chatting through Bumble, Adam took this opportunity to switch things up and take Julianne on an unusual first date – golf. After golfing for just a few hours, they knew this was going to be something special. From then on, they were inseparable; experiencing life to the fullest due to their shared love for all things food, travel, and adventure.

How They Asked

There were many times throughout Julianne and Adam’s dating life where popping the question seemed like an obvious endeavor. Some of these include backpacking through Italy, a helicopter over the Niagara Falls, or one of their many adventurous hikes. These all seemed like great options, but not to Adam, who was going to do it on his terms and when Julianne would least expect it. So as Adam had to endure Julianne’s disappointment on every trip, he knew she would soon smile again as he was working up a plan with his best man to propose while skydiving, something they had planned when they first started dating but never got around to it. On the day of August 11th, 2018, Adam and Julianne buckled up in their harnesses and started their assent to 14,000 feet for the jump.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Orange Skydive

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Orange Skydive

Julianne just hoping they make it to the bottom while Adam hoping all the coordination and planning with his best man, the skydiving facility and their tandem instructors were clear and concise so the proposal would go off without a hitch. As they approached 14,000 feet, Adam jumped first and landed quickly to prepare while Julianne’s instructor took them down the long way. As Julianne finally made it to the landing zone, she could see the massive sign Adam made that read, “JULIANNE WILL YOU MARRY ME”. She had a smile on her face from ear to ear and she said yes! And most importantly, she had no idea it was coming.

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