Julianna and Dino

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Mizumi at the Wynn Las Vegas

How We Met

Dino and I had known of each other for years, we always had mutual acquaintances in common but we never actually spoke to each other. In today’s world, if you know of someone, you are usually friends with them on all of the social media so we had been Facebook and Instagram friends since I could remember (and I always secretly wished he would just message me and talk to me already.)

Years went by and we still never actually spoke, naturally we then both ended up being in long term relationships with other people, his leading him to move to Miami, FL and me to move to Long Beach, NY. More years went by and we both wound up moving back to our hometowns around the same time, the both of us now single. All this time our houses in our hometowns had been maybe 3 minutes apart and we had no idea.

Julianna and Costadinos's Engagement in Mizumi at the Wynn Las Vegas

Our paths finally crossed at the start of 2017 and he wound up asking me out on a date, which I was so excited about. A few nights later we went to a local restaurant close to both of our houses and what I was expecting to just be an ordinary date wound up being the best night. We talked and laughed for hours until the restaurant closed. I even called one of my best friends as I was driving home that night and said: “Ummm so pretty sure I just met my husband.”

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Mizumi at the Wynn Las Vegas

We knew we had just found something special and he immediately planned our upcoming days with going to sports games, dinners, breakfast dates and he even surprised me with a vacation! There were so many things and places I hadn’t experienced before meeting Dino so he always makes it a point to take me to new places/destinations etc. that I have never been to before so we can experience my first time together. He always has gone above and beyond to put a smile on my face and I couldn’t feel any luckier that everything played out the way it did, everything that happened in my life led me to find my soulmate. He would always tell me that everything happens for a reason and that fate brought us together and I truly believe it because everything happened so perfectly at the perfect time. We spent the past two and a half years going on so many adventures, moving into two apartments, moving to a new state, becoming business owners and this is just the beginning…

Clearly having too much fun in Vegas to wear sunscreen…last pic as bf/gf!

How They Asked

Keeping in the theme of Dino taking me to places I have never been before, one of these places happened to be Vegas. While he has been there a million times and is over it, I had never been and always wanted to go so he planned a vacation there for us Memorial Day Weekend so we could experience my first time there together.

He planned our whole trip so our first day there he made plans for us to go to a pool party and then dinner. We wound up having a little too much fun at the pool party during the day and almost didn’t make it to dinner. He was insistent we couldn’t miss the reservations so I forced myself to get ready for this dinner that we couldn’t miss. I probably was cranky the entire time getting ready because I was so tired and basically hungover at this point aha sorry Dino. Dinner was at Mizumi at the Wynn Hotel. We somehow managed to get there on time and once we got there I was happy we made it because never seeing Vegas before, everything looked so beautiful.

We were led down this pathway outside to our table and it took us to a patio in an outdoor garden, which was in the middle of a pond with a giant waterfall next to us. There was only one table set on the patio and it had flowers on it and pink rose petals were everywhere. We were seated at that table and a photographer then came out and said he worked for the hotel and asked if he could take our picture.

Loving pictures I obviously said yes and he told us to get up and stand near the waterfall to get the scenery in the picture. Dino then got on one knee and asked me to marry him! It was the most surreal moment of my life and it couldn’t have been more perfect. We then celebrated the rest of the weekend in Vegas having the best time and of course, Dino being Dino had a few more surprises up his sleeve. Vegas will forever be the most special place to me!