Julianna and Ayush

How We Met

Me and Ayush met in Denton where we attended UNT! A mutual friend introduced us and there was instant chemistry. He asked me out on our first date to Hannah’s on the Square. The date went well and we were together for 5 1/2 years.

How They Asked

Fast forward to this year, Ayush started planning the proposal months in advance by telling me that he had a “work conference” in Dallas. He booked a weekend reservation for us downtown and I relaxed all weekend while he was at his conference, or, so I thought. On Saturday we went to Denton to visit some friends before his “conference Christmas party”. We got ready at their hotel room and he surprised me with a reservation at Hannah’s on the Square where we had our first date.

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Julianna's Proposal in Denton, TX

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After dinner, he proposed and I turned around and saw both of our families there. Turns out, the conference was all fake and he was busy the whole weekend in preparation for the proposal! After we left the restaurant he told me that there was an engagement party planned! When we got there, we were greeted by all of our friends, even the out of state ones! It was the perfect proposal!

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Julianna and Ayush's Engagement in Denton, TX

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