Juliane and Roshan

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How We Met

Roshan and I met back in 2008 at a Christmas Party. His cousin lived across the street from me at the time and he was at that cousin’s house for Christmas that year. My cousin and he are good friends so Roshan came over to my house that day as we were having our family’s Christmas party at my house that year. It was my first time ever seeing Roshan and I didn’t think anything of it. We quickly became friends and would talk for hours on AIM (for all you Gen Z’s out there, it’s how we talked before we all had text messaging LOL!). From AIM, to calling each other past 9 PM so we didn’t use our minutes, to visiting each other in college, I would have never guessed that the friend I made back at Christmas ’08 would soon be my husband!

How They Asked

I run a small DIY crafting side business and I received an order from a friend’s husband for a mug for the principal of the school he is a teacher at. Thinking nothing of it, I made the mug, delivered it, and went about my day. What was ironic about the mug was that it was for the principal of the junior high school, Gemini Jr. High, where Roshan and I went many years ago. A few days after delivering the mug, the principal gave me a call stating that he wanted to place an order with me as Teacher Appreciation Week was coming up!

I eagerly said yes to this GREAT opportunity and immediately called Roshan right after to tell him the good news. Little did I know this was a part of this mischievous plan all along. The plan was to meet Principal Roberts after work on Friday, but due to a “water leak” in his apartment, we had to reschedule for Saturday. (He was VERY convincing!!). Initially, I thought meeting him on a Saturday at the school was odd as there is no school on the weekends, but I remembered he had said there was an event happening that day at the school.

My friends and I were supposed to grab drinks/ dinner Saturday night in the city so this “business meeting” altered those plans. Having already made reservations and putting a deposit down, I felt bad that this meeting was going to potentially make us late for our dinner reservations. So, I dressed up for dinner to the meeting, and my friend, Malu, picked me up and dropped me off at the school and said she’d just wait the 30 minutes while I met with the principal to save us time.

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I walked into Gemini with Principal Roberts and he was showing me all the renovations that Gemini had undergone. There were so many changes and being back at Gemini was so nostalgic! Principal Roberts then had me walk into a room and at that moment I knew this wasn’t a business meeting. There was only one table and one chair. On the table, there was a book that was titled “11 Years..Forever to go.” The book listed out all the things we love about each other and the memories from the past 11 years. The last page had a thoughtful note ending in “come outside, I need to ask you something!”

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Freaking out, I slowly walked out of the room and saw Fiona (Malu’s older sister and our amazing photographer of the proposal!) and decided to follow her. There were 11 tables set up and each of them had pictures of some of our most treasured memories and flowers. Probably halfway through me walking and admiring all the memories, the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran came on the PA system and I think that’s when the few tears I had turned into a full-blown waterworks show. I found Roshan at the end of the hallway standing in a rose petal heart. He got down on one knee asked me to be his wife. By far the easiest YES I ever have said!

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Post asking probably the most important question of his life, Roshan had told me that the path I walked to get to him was the path Roshan and I used to take during our passing periods in the infamous “Glass Hallway” that was no longer there.

We were welcomed by both our families shortly after the proposal and partied the night away with our closest family and friends!

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Special Thanks

Fiona Patel
 | Photographer