Juliana and Andre

how they asked: We were in a most perfect holiday trip around the Caribbean islands and we decided to spend my birthday in Bonaire. The plans for the day was to go for a very especial and famous spot called Hilma Hooker where there is a shipwreck and spend the rest of the day relaxing at our hotel.

Image 2 of Juliana and Andre

When I woke up at that morning, Andre had everything ready for our dive already. I was very happy, it was my 22nd birthday! I knew that the dive would be fun, but I couldn’t imagine he would ever ask me the big question!

Image 1 of Juliana and Andre

The dive at that morning had to be very quick because of the spot depth, so as soon as we got down there, we went around the ship and suddenly my partner put his GoPro in the ship’s hull and got out from his pocket a little notebook! What a surprise! The rest you can see in the video.