Juliana and Tiago

How We Met

It was “carnaval” and I was upset because my trip with my friends didn’t happen. Then we went To a bar, and I sit next To the smiley guy. He was laughing because of my Angry face, and asked me why I was so upset. “It’S carnaval!” he said. So I started talking to him and haven’t stopped. I knew, looking in his eyes, that I falled in love with that lovely guy like we ser in The movies. It was love at first sight, so powerful. We are together since february, 2012.

how they asked

We planned this trip to Ilhabela since september. It’s an outstanding hotel, magical place, and we had already spent a weekend there in 2014. This time, he took me for a walk on the sunset, and was really quiet. I didn’t worry because I thought he was in peace – The place is heaven , trust me. So he asked if I could Watch The sunset, because he needed To pick up his phone in our room. I waited, amares Ny The sim. He came back and asked me if I could stand up for a while. So he said he loves me since The first day we met, and that he wants To spend The rest of his Life with me. I Just cried and cried and cried and asked him “Is this real????” And said yes a hundred times!

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