Juliana and Joseph

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How We Met

In February of 2015, my family and I had a big family get to together and I started speaking with my great aunt (My Zia) and she had asked me if I was dating anyone. And at the time I was single and I had told her that I wasn’t because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I told her how hard it was to find a good guy nowadays and we spoke more about good qualities in a man that what I was looking for and how important they were to me. She knew that I meant and starting thinking… A few weeks go by, and my Zia was still thinking about our conversation and all of the sudden she knew a good man that was the grandson of her best friend. Finding the courage, she then called and spoke to her friend and told her that her great niece was looking for a good guy, and she thought her grandson, Joseph would be a good match for me.

She told her friend all about me and had agreed that this could be something special. One day, Joseph and his parents went to his Nonna’s (his grandmother’s) house and she started talking to him about me and gave him my number to contact me. Joseph was reluctant at first but after some time he had thought about it and agreed to take my number and to contact me. While this was all happening… I absolutely had no idea. I was working that Saturday when I had received a text message from my mother about how my Zia gave my number to a guy she knows and spoke of his great qualities and told me that I would be receiving a call or a message from this guy. At the time, I too was reluctant about this and was not sure what to think. I honestly didn’t feel comfortable being set up but… then I thought… why not?

The day after in the afternoon, I had received a text message from Joseph introducing himself. We started texting back and fourth and right away, I felt that something was there… I felt some sort of connection and I knew I was interested. A few days passed and Joseph and I would message each other here and there and eventually he set up a date and place for us to finally meet. When we finally met, it was not only instant attraction but we talked the whole night away laughing, getting to know each other and learning about each other. After that night, we spoke everyday and had a few more dates and already we both knew this was something different. After two weeks, he introduced me as his girlfriend. Needless to say, his Nonna and my Zia continue to be very happy that their match making skills was a success!

how they asked

We took a lovely trip to beautiful Italy and we started our trip at Positano. It was April 11th our 1 year anniversary date and we had planned a day boat cruise to explore the Amalfi Coast and eventually spend a few hours at Capri to explore the infamous island. When we eventually docked at Capri, we did some sight seeing and went up to Monte Salerno, which is 589 meters above sea level, and is the highest and most panoramic point on the island. The view was breathtaking as it extended across the whole of the island of Capri, the surrounding Bay of Naples, the Amalfi Coast and as far as the distant mountains of Calabria.

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While I was taking pictures of this breathtaking and mesmerizing view, Joseph had left my side to search for the perfect place where he was going to propose. Finding a tree that had a rope tied around it, he was able to balance his phone so that he could film the proposal. All of the sudden, I heard Joseph calling me over to him to take a picture with him. Then, he said, “Okay, now we’re going to make a video,” a little confused, he started recording and walked me over to a spot. He started saying these beautiful words… and then all of a sudden he went down on one knee, and asked me to marry him…

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I couldn’t believe it, my love, so nervous and so cute… asked me to marry him!! Jumping to him and saying, “Yes!” Some of the passengers from our cruise had witnessed our proposal as well as other strangers… and after the moment had passed, people started coming up to us and wishing us congratulations.

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When we all boarded back on the boat, the passengers that had witnessed our proposal had shared the news with the other passengers including the captain. Taking out some limoncello, the captain poured everyone a drink and we started celebrating!

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