Juliana and Jesse

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

How We Met

A simple brunch to see if a personal trainer and an artist could become something more than strangers. We both went to it saying don’t judge a book by its cover.

How They Asked

Jesse decided to plan a date day for us to start the holidays as we’ve been working so hard lately. So we went for breakfast and then to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. I’m an artist so it was only normal he asked if I liked to see the latest exhibit for inspiration. We walked around for quite some time before I eventually went to the washroom. When I came out Jesse had asked if I wanted to take a picture of us next to this piece I really liked that I had just seen earlier. As we got closer I saw a painting leaned up against the display (totally not allowed) and in the painting, it said “Juliana, will you marry me?”. I immediately broke down before eventually saying yes and allowing him to place the ring on my trembling hands. I was so happy, and to be honest, I had never in my life cried like that, let alone in public.

Juliana's Proposal in Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

So Jesse somehow managed to sneak in a painting of his own into an art museum, pass security, place it up on a display, still no security, and quickly get down on one knee and ask to marry me. And the best part, while I was in the washroom he asked an amazing couple which I wish I could thank again to video the entire thing. So in love.

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