Julian Gutierrez and Lidia

Julian Gutierrez's Proposal in Santorini, Greece

How We Met

We met in March 2016 while out dancing. We noticed each other on the dance floor, and there was instant chemistry, but Julian didn’t know where I was hanging out. On a trip to the restroom, I noticed he was available, so I asked him to dance. We danced a few, and Julian kept searching for me more often than not, but before we knew it, the night came to an end, and I was gone! He was quite disappointed in himself for not asking for my number.

Fast-forward a few weeks…
Julian’s colleague was in town and decided to take him out to dance. He noticed I was in attendance, and he wasn’t letting me get away this time! He got the courage to ask for my number, and I saved it in his phone. After a while, he let me carry on with my friends; however, as he excitedly confirmed he had my number, he realized it was nowhere to be found. After several attempts of looking for my name under L-Y-dia, he was left embarrassed and concluded he didn’t save it by mistake. After some more dancing, he asked for my number again, and as I was entering it, I noticed I was already saved in his contact list. He had been looking for the wrong spelling… it’s L-I-dia…

Julian: It wasn’t one thing specifically that had me hooked: her beauty captivated me, her dance moves swayed me, her independence moved me, etc. I just knew I had to know more. It didn’t take long after that second encounter before I reached out to arrange our first date. On that first date, we discovered we have much in common, and, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

How They Asked

Julian had a loose diamond in his possession while the setting was on order. The engagement ring specialist/agent told him to put it in a safe at home and to take it back when the setting got delivered. Julian grew more paranoid the longer he kept the loose stone, which ended up being a couple weeks. He emailed the specialist a week before the ring was expected to be completed and was informed that he would be on vacation the week-of, so the specialist arranged an appointment for Julian to go in and have the diamond set the Friday before his two-week business trip to Romania. Since Greece was a place on their travel wish list, they took advantage of him being nearby to arrange a week of vacation at the tail-end.

Julian called ahead to make sure the setting was in, and he waited eagerly to see the setting. When the guy showed him the setting, he immediately noticed it was not exactly what Lidia wanted. He initially panicked but quickly decided to keep it as-is. He had to have the ring in hand when he left the country; otherwise, he would miss his opportunity to propose in Greece!

He packed the ring in a soft pouch and stuffed it at the bottom of his backpack. Paranoia set in throughout travel. He checked it was still in his possession frequently. Finally, Julian reached his destination and stored the ring in the hotel room’s safe, which he must have changed the combination for a dozen times before he was satisfied. He opened and closed the safe every morning and evening to check that the ring was still there.

Lidia landed in Bucharest on a Thursday night, and Julian was nervous/excited about the surprise he had in store. He didn’t know exactly when or where he would propose, and it made him nervous just thinking about it. He wanted it to be perfect! However, Julian still had the task of securing the ring as they traveled to Greece.

Julian and Lidia flew out to Santorini Saturday morning, and when they reached their hotel in Fira, the host gave an excellent introduction to the island. He talked about Oia and how hearing applause at the end of a sunset means a man proposed to his significant other. That’s when he knew Oia was where he wanted to propose.

Lidia immediately wanted to start exploring. One of her goals was to take a picture of the iconic blue-domed church famously seen in all postcards and movies, and Julian misunderstood the first destination to be a hike to Oia! He had not put the ring in his pocket, so he was nervous and frantic. He just needed some orientation before the proposal, so he figured if they went to Oia that day, they could go again another day as well. However, it turned out Oia was about 10 miles from the hotel, so they were not going to get there via hike! Thank goodness!!

The island itself was breathtaking. There were so many amazing views of the caldera, winding streets bustling with shops and restaurants, and the whitewashed buildings and blue roofs added to its natural grandeur.

Their agenda was to head to Oia the second day in search of the iconic blue-domed church and to catch one of the famed Oia sunsets. After a day at Black Beach, they went back to the hotel to get cleaned up. Once clean and ready, Julian began to feel quite nervous. He not-so-subtly took the ring from his backpack and put it in his pocket while Lidia was in the restroom getting ready. They made their way to take a bus to Oia, and it was a nerve-racking experience for Julian. There were tons of people trying to catch the same bus, so it was a mad scramble to get on. They were fortunate enough to jump on the second bus that arrived. Julian was fairly sweaty, nervous, and mute at this point. Although he was simply trying to calm down, cool down, and try to be his usual self, Lidia figured he was just more grump than anything.

The town is definitely popular. Being that they were there close to sunset, it was teeming with people getting situated at restaurants and the most westward points to catch a great spot to view the sunset. Lidia was on a mission. She had to find that blue-domed church! She went prepared with its GPS coordinates, but getting to the spot proved more difficult than anticipated due to all the winding streets and various alley ways, which were just wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side. Julian had no idea where he should propose, since there were so many people. He initially thought sunset time would be good, but he preferred privacy. During their trek, they came to this one stretch of road that was relatively quiet and isolated. Lidia noticed a wooden platform down the ways, which looked like a prime spot for a great scenic view. Julian decided: This is the spot. There were a few tourists clearing out, and Julian wished for them to move faster! After they made their way down, Lidia snapped her pictures of the landscape overlooking the caldera, took in the view for a bit, and proceeded to scurry on out in search for her current raison-d’être. As she made her way back toward the main road, Julian called out to wait because he had something he wanted to do while they were there. She looked back and immediately saw it on his face. She was in disbelief but knew what was about to happen. Julian said a few words to indicate that he was about to propose, and, with his heart racing and a sweaty forehead, got down on one knee, and did the do! Of course, she said yes! A few people witnessed the proposal from a hotel balcony, and one of the guys went down to congratulate them and offered to take their picture. It was the perfect private and intimate proposal filled with the most amazing, breathtaking views and idyllic backdrop.

Our picture by the kind stranger.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Santorini, Greece

He proposed on the wooden platform just off to the left. Check out the view!