Julian and Ashley

How We Met

Mutual friends thought we’d be a perfect match – boy, they were right!

How They Asked

It seemed like a regular week at work. My amazing boyfriend Julian got me a gift card to get my nails done because I had a really tough week and he wanted to help me feel better – as it “turned out”, the gift card expired on Tuesday so I had to get them done that week. My boss was being kind of weird all week about me working on Friday, but I didn’t think much of it. Friday morning rolls around, and I’m getting ready to work. I wake up to find a bright red balloon outside of the front door, attached to this beautiful scrapbook.

Inside the scrapbook were pictures, receipts, memorabilia from every single one of our dates, and copies of our first text messages ever exchanged, etc.. of course at this point I’m crying and hyperventilating because wow! On the last page, there was a flight itinerary with my name on it, for a flight leaving to Montreal that evening. There was a letter saying that Julian had actually contacted my boss and gotten me the Friday and Monday off work and that he would meet me at the airport at 3 pm. He had also included a “Montreal Checklist” for 3 days.

Fast forward the frenzy that was this Friday, and we meet at the airport. As we approach the gate to do our check-in, Julian turns to me and says: “Well.. we’re not actually going to Montreal… we’re going to Iceland!” After running to catch the plane, we take our overnight flight to Reykjavik Iceland, where Julian has rented a car for us to get to our Airbnb. He told me that the car rental agency was a short drive (approx. 20 minutes) from the airport, so we would have to take an Uber to get there.

Julian and Ashley's Engagement in Skógafoss, Iceland

It’s 4am, and we meet our Uber driver, the VERY creepy “Olaf” in the parking lot. He packs our bags in the car and starts driving to the rental agency. On the drive he’s telling us all about the delicacies of Iceland, about his family and how they are very poor, about where he grew up etc.. After about 20 minutes or so, I ask Julian where this rental agency is. He goes: “Oh no, I gave Olaf the address of our Airbnb!” We were another 35 minutes out, and there were no exits on the highway coming up. Olaf reassured us that there’s the same rental company in the town where we were staying, and it “would probably be better to wait until the morning to get our rental.” (umm… what a weirdo!)

As we arrive to the Airbnb, I walk up the stairs to the loft and I notice that there’s a pair of boots inside; and a laptop. Julian goes downstairs to get the keys out of the lockbox, and as we open the door, his mum pops out from one of the bedrooms! I am in absolute shock. Then she says, “did you see Mike?” (Julian’s cousin) And to my shock again, Olaf comes back upstairs and knocks on the window, but then PULLS OFF his beard and hair, Olaf is his cousin Mike in disguise!

Proposal Ideas Skógafoss, Iceland

We spend the next two days driving through beautiful Iceland, seeing the picturesque waterfalls and hiking through glaciers, meeting friendly horses and swimming in hot springs. On our second day, we walk to the bottom of the waterfall Skógafoss. Julian and I are talking about how amazing Iceland is, and what a perfect destination for us seeing as we both love to travel, the outdoors and adventure. He said that he is so excited to keep having adventures with me by his side, for the rest of our lives. We’re now at the bottom of the falls, and I turn around, to see him on one knee, soaking wet from the frozen spray of the waterfall, with the biggest smile on his face as he says “will you marry me?”

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Skógafoss, Iceland

It’s all history from there. (He even surprised me, AGAIN by having all of our family pick us up from the airport in Toronto; they had a whole party planned at home.)

Special Thanks

Michael A. Villella
 | Planning