Julia and Zachary

Engagement Proposal Ideas in ViaRail Train Station- Windsor, Ontario, Canada

How We Met

We met in 2012, we were both counsellors at a summer camp for children with inherited bleeding disorders. We both had night duty together the first night, we talked and got to know each other a bit. Throughout the week we began flirting, and during a team game, we would try to tag and freeze each other. It was very sweet and “youthful”. Once the week was over, we continued to talk online, since we lived 4 hours away from each other. We started dating about a week after camp, September 2nd 2012, and we continued to go to camp together each year after that!

how they asked

We were in a long distance relationship for the majority of our 4 year relationship because we both attended different universities in different cities. He had went home for Christmas, and on December 29, 2016 was coming back so we could spend New Years together. He told me that his train was delayed and he would tell me when to leave. Once he gave the okay, I drove to the station, and I quickly parked the car. I walked around the corner and saw him standing in the blizzard-y snow, with rose petals and tea lights lined up on the ground. I was so surprised and I thought he was doing a cute Christmassy thing. We greeted each other and then he told me that it had been exactly 1539 days since we had our first kiss in this same spot. I began tearing up as he went on and it wasn’t until he pulled out the ring and got down on one knee before I realized that he was proposing!! I kept interrupting his beautiful proposal with “oh my god, is this really happening??” and “is this real life???” and he finished by saying “Yes! This is real life!” and through our slobbery, wet tears, he asked me if I would marry him!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in ViaRail Train Station- Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Special Thanks

Chad Barry