Julia and Wyatt

Image 2 of Julia and Wyatt

How We Met

Here’s some modern romance for you, we met on Tinder! We had our first date at a little coffee shop near where I was going to grad school (UCF) at the time. We instantly knew there was a connection and both deleted all of our dating apps right after the date!

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We fell in love hard and moved in together a few months before the pandemic. Living together was nothing like people warn us about. We cooked together, cleaned together, and even had our alone time (mainly at the gym). We traveled all the time, going on road trips and finding cool adventures. Then the pandemic hit and the isolation set in. We made the leap and decided to adopt a sweet little pup that has been a serious blessing!

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With all the struggles of the pandemic and my extremely toxic job, we wanted a change from the mundane Florida life (we had lived there our whole lives and truly hated it). We decided to pick up and move to Colorado and that’s where it felt like our relationship flourished the most. We started to spend almost every weekend outside, exploring and falling even more in love (I know, so gross!)!

How They Asked

Then came our first Christmas in Colorado, Wyatt was acting so weird. I mean, like asking all the suspicious questions: “When are you going to do your nails?” “What are you wearing for the Christmas Eve party?” etc. So, obviously, I texted my best friend knowing something was going to happen. Well, Christmas Eve and day passes and nothing happens, so, I give up. I tell myself “It’s not happening this year, don’t get your hopes up”. So, I didn’t!

Image 10 of Julia and Wyatt

Since we just moved to Colorado, I had to get my state driver’s license. The only county that had appointments was in Canon City, where the Royal Gorge is. So on New Year’s Eve, we decided to make a day trip out of it, go to the DMV, get lunch, and see the Royal Gorge. Wyatt drops me off at the DMV, I go in to get my license, and he calls my dad to ask for his blessing.

Image 9 of Julia and Wyatt

I get in the car, oblivious, and we drive to the Royal Gorge and find a gorgeous overlook. We set up a camera to take a video so I can screenshot some pictures. Wyatt gives me a kiss and gets down on one knee. When I tell you I was in so much shock I couldn’t even think! The scenery was gorgeous and the ring was stunning!! I tell him all the time, I could not have imagined a better proposal.

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