Julia and Tim

Image 1 of Julia and TimHow we met: Tim & I met in 2011 – he was interning while finishing up his college program in Film Studies. I was looking to add some new photos to my modeling portfolio, when my friend told me that her brother-in-law had a new intern that probably wouldn’t charge too much.

So, I added him on Facebook and we coordinated a time to take some pictures, and they turned out great! That night led to much, much more conversation and one thing just led to another. We started dating in March 2012 and dated for about 2.5 years.

how they asked: I was getting my hair done one Friday afternoon and had a text from Tim asking me to meet him at his family’s cottage, just a short drive away. He seemed to be acting a little strange, but I agreed to go out after my appointment. As soon as I pulled in the lane way, I had a feeling something big could be happening, but also didn’t want to get my hopes up. Tim asked if I wanted to go for a walk and led me down the street to a trail opening where we had only been a couple times before. We hiked up a steep hill that overlooks the beautiful lake, and he sat me down on a tiny little bench that helps you enjoy the perfect view.

Image 2 of Julia and Tim

I became even more nervous, as this was very unlike Tim. He pulled a snack out of his backpack to try and make things seem normal, but then said, “I have a surprise for you!” but you have to close your eyes! Reluctantly, I shut my eyes tight, heard him rustling around, and took a deep breath.

“Ok, open!” He exclaimed. I opened my eyes, and there he was, kneeling right in front of me on the bench, holding a cute little black ring box. Instant tears, squeals, and excitement flooded my emotions. I’m sure his speech was super romantic, but I can hardly remember any of it, except the ending…”Julia Margaret Babe Kubassek, will you marry me?”

Image 3 of Julia and Tim

“YES!” We hugged, kissed, and danced. That was definitely the most exciting day of my life so far! Our friend Stephen was hiding in the bushes the entire time capturing each moment.

Image 6 of Julia and Tim

Image 4 of Julia and Tim

Image 5 of Julia and Tim

Photos by Stephen Ninaber