Julia and Stefan

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How We Met

We have met 4 years ago on a friend’s birthday. We have played table kicker and we were the winning team. After the first date, it was quickly clear that together we belong. From year to year our relationship has become even more beautiful and close. I am happy and thankful to have such a great man, best friend and people in my life.

how they asked

It was the most beautiful moment in my life! It was a great dream of mine to see the northern lights in my life. I would never have thought of combining this experience with the love of my life forever. In February of this year we were for a week in Norway/Tromsö. Stefan has been looking for the right moment all week, and I did not really make it easy for him. I was completely unaware. We made our first trip to the Northern Lights on Valentine’s Day, but the weather was very bad so we did not see Northern Lights. I was very disappointed and Stefan also thought that it was not the right moment to ask the question of any questions. A day later, we booked a second trip to start another attempt to see the Northern Lights. This time we were traveling with a large group. Altogether there were about 50 people. We have seen beautiful northern lights in all variations and made fantastic pictures. My boyfriend, however, was almost lost with excitement because the 48 other people were simply too many for his proposal. Then he is also slipped and the complete ring box is broken. He just cursed and I did not know why. So the proposal was postponed one more day. The next day we booked a Husky sled dog tour and my boyfriend wanted to ask his question of all questions. We actually thought that we would sit together on the sled and take someone with us the sleigh. But one of us actually steered the sled and the other sat and enjoyed the ride. So I was the whole time full of fun on the sleigh. So it was not the right moment for the proposal again and my boyfriend was afraid that I was frightened the ring while driving in the snow fall. So again nothing. The poor has really died a thousand deaths. Then came our last evening in Tromsö. We looked for a beautiful small restaurant at the harbor and we were looking for a table with a view of the harbor and the mountains in the background. It was wonderful. We were already at the dessert when Stefan went to the toilet. When he came back, he sat nervously at the table. One moment later the waiter came and put us 2 glasses of champagne on the table. I looked at my boyfriend and said, “Is that going to the house?” That’s nice.” :-) I was still completely nonsense. I wanted to take my glass and take a big sip as Stefan said: “Now please wait a moment”. He took my hand and said that we are at the northern lights and I am his little northern light and make his nights seem brighter.(I will never forget this sentence) Then I slowly realized what just happened and I immediately started to cry. Everything he said afterwards, also the question whether I want to marry him I have not heard any more. My sweetheart then said I still have to answer him. For me the moment felt like a second and for him felt like an hour. Of course, I said with all my heart YES. Then I saw the broken ringbox and we both had to laugh. For me it was the most beautiful moment in my life. After the meal we walked in the snow and saw the northern lights dancing.

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