Julia and Solomon

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Charleston, South Carolina

How We Met

We grew up in the same community and always ran with similar crowds having mutual friends. One day we ended up at the same party where I was friends with the host and she was friends with his sister. We started talking that night, and after that, we really began hanging out more with the same group of friends. One thing led to another and we soon began dating. We really grew from friends to something more, naturally.

how they asked

Originally, I came up with the idea to propose by the boardwalk in Jersey where we vacation for summers. Julia loves jean jackets so I had one customized for her in a style very much her own. The arms, back and inside of the jacket were spray painted with different personal jokes, our names, and cool designs. The idea was to take her to a strip of the boardwalk with upscale shops. Inside one shop the jean jacket would be hanging on a rack where she would stumble upon it.

Julia's Proposal in Charleston, South Carolina

Meanwhile, though, Julia had been planning a destination photo shoot with a photographer she knew. They were throwing out ideas like flying to New Mexico for a hot air balloon festival in the fall. But while Julia was discussing different options for dates with the photographer, the photographer reached out to me on the side with the idea to combine the destination session and the jean jacket into a grand destination proposal.

The photographer would call Julia with a romantic southern city and an available date for the following week. We set it all up so Julia would have to then call and convince me to do it so last second. I “reluctantly” agreed, and we flew to Charleston the next week. We started shooting and exploring the romantic streets of the southern city when we reached the Pineapple Fountain along the waterfront.

The photographer told her to wear the jean jacket under the premise a brand had given it to her to shoot. I took the jacket, held it open to Julia and got down on one knee. She was so surprised! We enjoyed lunch and a few hours wandering Charleston together for the first time before catching our flight home to greet our excited family and friends for a night of celebration. It was the perfect balance of an intimate moment, and a grand gesture.

Special Thanks

By Jackie and Shelly
 | Photographer
By Jackie and Shelly
 | Planning
Frostings by Venee
 | Designing a custom spray painted jacket