Julia and Sean

Image 1 of Julia and Sean

How We Met

Sean and I met during my freshman year of college at Northwestern University (his sophomore year). We had interacted while walking home from class with friends a few times (I don’t really remember this, but he does) and at some parties, but our school’s Dance Marathon event is where we really got to know eachother. 30 hours of dancing and sweating and he still wanted to see me again. We met up at his fraternity house the following week, and couldn’t stop seeing eachother after that. Six years later, we have a house together and are engaged!

how they asked

We love to hike together, so Sean took me on a trip to Utah and Arizona to hike at some spots we have always wanted to go to. Our final destination was called Havasu Falls. It is extremely difficult to get permits to hike and camp there, but somehow Sean managed to book us a two night stay. It was the most magical place we had ever been-there were beautiful blue waterfalls surrounding us everywhere we looked. On our second day, Sean said we should get a picture in front of the biggest waterfall, so I stood there while he asked another hiker to get our picture. Little did I know, he told the woman he was proposing, and when he walked over to me he immediately got down on one knee! I started sobbing as soon as he kneeled down.

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