Julia and Schuyler

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How We Met

We met three years ago through Instagram, and didn’t even know we lived in the same area. He messaged me and I wasn’t crazy interested at first since I had just gotten out of a toxic relationship, but I went with it. We messaged back and forth until one day we met each other in a local grocery store for the first time….it was super awkward. But I ended up finding out later that he lived right beside my best friend. So one day I was over at her house and said “hey we should go meet that guy next door.”

We went over there and I sat with him on his porch for hours. It was still crazy awkward at this point, and I was freezing cold. Every time I tried to inch my way closer to him, he would move away (I found out later that he was playing hard to get, but I just thought he wasn’t interested). But I finally reached over and grabbed his hand and then he kissed me and we sat there looking at the stars until I snapped back to reality and realized I would be dead if my parents found out I was on a random guy’s front porch. Nevertheless, he did end up meeting my parents a few weeks later and had to ask my dad if he could take me out on a date. We’ve been together since then, and my whole family loves him! We can’t wait to tie the knot!

how they asked

It was Easter of 2017 and I was dressed in my favorite dress. It was an ordinary day, just like any other day. Schuyler told me we were going to his sister’s house for Easter, as usual, and I didn’t think anything of it. We had to get there early to help hide Easter eggs for the kids in his family. We walk in the house and talk to his sister who is trying to figure out how to work her camera because it wasn’t working the way it should have been. She tells us to go get the baskets full of eggs from downstairs and start hiding the eggs, but little did I know, there was something special hidden in one of them.

We go all around the house placing eggs around for the kids. Schuyler tells me to make sure I hide them really hard for the older kids, and suggests putting one near the shed at the back of the house. I hide a few eggs there and hear him call my name from behind. I turn around and he’s on one knee with a busted Easter egg beside him and a ring in his hand. Above his head was a banner that said “Julia, will you marry me?” I start to cry and can’t manage to get out another reply except, “Are you serious?” He assured me it wasn’t a joke and I started crying and said yes so many times. He put the ring on my finger and picked me up and kissed me. Oh, and by the way, his sister’s camera wasn’t broken, she got pictures of the whole thing.

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