Julia and Rick

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How We Met

Kali (Maid of Honor) decided that on March 12, 2014 that she was going to go make me workout and get my mind right by relieving some stress. During our workout she told me that we were going to go to Twin Peaks and that she wanted me to meet her good friend that just moved back from North Dakota. I literally laughed in face and said I am NOT in the mood to “meet” a friend. It is not hard to convenience me to go for a beer so there I was at Twin Peaks. We walk in and I see my friend Taylor (Best Man) and sit next him while Kali sits across from me and sits next to some random (Rick) that I have never seen before. Kali introduces me to Rick and then there was no more conversation between us after that. My parents just so happened to call and asked where I was and then told me they were going to come drink with us and to add two chairs. The rest of the night my parents talked to Rick and his friends the whole night.

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how they asked

Fast Forward to March 15, 2014: A group of us met this evening to go watch Art (usher) play some indoor arena football before going out for the night. After Art’s game we all went to Blaine’s to celebrate St. Patty’s Day. We all had a great time and being young, the party did not stop there. We all loaded up and went to a party at a lake house. As soon as we walk in I see the random (Rick) from dinner a couple of nights before…he was playing craps on the pool table with a lot of guys that I happened to know. I did not thing anything of him and just was my crazy self and said hello to everyone. It was about 30 minutes later I hear Rick yell, “Hey Mexican, go get my checkbook.” I walked over to him, got in his face and said, “Excuse!” along with a few choice words. I eventually went to get his checkbook. Everyone was enjoying their night and I was for some reason kept my eye on him. After he wrote his 3rd check at the craps table I walked right up to him, grabbed the checkbook, slapped him with the checkbook and hid it from him. Into the wee hours of the morning a group of us were sitting outside talking and Rick decides it would be a great idea to grab my assets. It was a secret payback for the slap. After laughing about it everyone decided it was time to go home.

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Fast Forward to March 19, 2014: Rick started conversation (Facebook messages was our form of communication at the time – he messaged me first) with me this morning by asking how my night before was and when I told him I relaxed he was a little disappointed that I didn’t invite him to spend time with me. We joked the whole morning and he sent me a meme that said “friends let you see them, real friends let you touch them” so ever since then we have been real friends. I invited Rick to meet Kali and me after work and that is when he finally gave me his phone number.

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Ever since then, we have been in each other’s lives. Our relationship has been anything but ordinary and I would not change it. We have loved so hard that we let each other go and we always find ourselves back to each other.

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