Julia and Richie

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How We Met

Richie and I met while I was bartending and he was customer who always came in on friday nights when I was working. We started talking every night and after our first date we just knew we would be together.

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how they asked

Richie loves to surprise me and he told me we were going to Las Vegas for a business trip. (We live in NY and I have never been to Vegas). Richie let me look all over the Internet for things I would want to do while we were out there and I came up with a few things but I specifically said I didn’t want to leave Vegas without a caricature drawing, since we don’t have one. We arrived in Vegas and on the way to “cocktail hour” to meet his “business partners” we had time to get a caricature drawing.

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Little did I know that Richie set up the caricature drawing previously and as I thought the drawing was being done spontaneously the artist turned around the drawing as Richie got down on one knee.

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He flew my parents out from NJ and they got to watch the entire proposal, as you can see in the video posted.

Our Video

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