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So Patrick and I met our freshman year of high school but that’s not where our love story began. We became best friends almost immediately. We went through many ups and downs together, break ups, all that high school brings. We grew close to each other’s families and loved each other, but in a best friend kind of way. It wasn’t until our senior year after both going through break ups that we realized there was more between us. Friend zone, no more! We started dating in January of 2011 and now it’s 2017 and we are engaged! We went through it all together. After we graduated high school, we parted ways for college. I was in Arkansas and he was in San Antonio and we did the whole long distance thing for way too long(almost 3 years)! It was probably the most challenging time in our relationship but it only made my love for him grow stronger. Now that we are both home and beginning our careers together, it just feels like everything has brought us here to this moment, when I said yes to my best friend forever.

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July 28th, 2017, the day I answered yes to the easiest question I’ve ever been asked. We spent the week in Miramar Beach, FL with Patrick’s family and it was the last night of our vacation. Patrick and I had planned to meet my family in Tennessee the following morning. My family was supposedly on their way to Tennessee that Friday, or so I thought! Patrick had decided he wanted to propose earlier in July so he asked for my parents permission one day when I was in Dallas. Patrick knew how important it was for my family to be there for this so they planned to head to Florida before Tennessee and hide out until Friday night. On Friday, we had planned to go to a nice dinner and take some beach pictures beforehand with Pat’s family. His sister had actually convinced me to wear this white dress on Friday instead of another day I had planned and I thought nothing of it! Anyway, I headed down to the beach early with Patrick’s sister Tori to take some pictures. As we headed back to the resort, I noticed Patrick’s family getting ready for pictures by the sand dunes. As I got closer, I felt something was up. It almost feels like a blur but what I do remember is reading a sign that Patrick’s brother was holding with his 2 kids that read “Will you be our Aunt” and then turning to Patrick down on one knee. After saying YES and celebrating with his family, Patrick told me to look up at the balcony. Well, my parents had already made their way down to the beach but had watched the whole proposal from the balcony of our resort with me seeing. When I realized my family was there, I lost it! Full water works and all. It was THE most special moment and to have both of our families there to celebrate with us is something I will cherish forever .

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