Julia and Oleksandr

Image 1 of Julia and OleksandrI had been gone with a friend of mine to Geneva, as it was the first weekend she was going to go visit her boyfriend and was scared to do it alone!!! Meanwhile little did I know her boyfriend had invited his friend (Olek!) to join the three of us for lunch for a little moral support! Olek and I had both had a heavy night before…I’d come straight from a party, packed and gone to the airport to fly to Geneva, he’d only slept for 2-3 hours! By the time we met, neither of us were in the best shape, as you can imagine. Despite that the moment I was alone with my friend after we first met my first words were ‘he is perfect, he is the one’. Little did I know at the same moment he was with his friends telling them that he was going to marry me! We then spent the whole day together as if we had known each other all of lives…it wasn’t long before he was in London and he took me on our first official date to the Shard.

Olek had taken me away for the weekend in the beautiful English countryside and we were checked in to the most lovely country hotel in Buckinghamshire. He told me to get ready because he was taking me to an amazing dinner…but wouldn’t tell me where we were going!!

A car picked us up and soon we were driving up a long driveway…and I had no idea where we were going! The car pulled up at this AMAZING and huge stately home (I found out later was called Waddesdon Manor). Olek got me out the car and the whole place was completely empty except for us, I still had absolutely no idea what was going on!!!

Image 2 of Julia and Oleksandr

He led me round the back of the manor where there was a violinist who began to serenade us with beautiful pop ballads…the next thing I knew Olek pointed to the house and when I looked up I saw a huge projection of a picture of us from our holiday in Rome. Olek had created a whole slideshow of my favourite pictures of us from over the last year and they were 20 ft high!!!

Image 3 of Julia and Oleksandr

Just when I thought the evening couldn’t get any more romantic the pictures ended on a messaged saying “Julia, turn around”. I could hardly breathe as I spun around to see JULIA lit up in fireworks behind us, then those two words a second later…MARRY ME. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I turned to Olek who dropped to one knee and presented the most unbelievable ring I had ever seen. And of course I said yes straight away!!!!

Image 4 of Julia and Oleksandr

The next thing I knew I was handed a bouquet of flowers from the Proposal Planner who had helped Olek plan my amazing evening…and out came the cameras! I was so so happy Olek knew that I would want to relive this moment forever and now I could as it was all captured on film (which I just can’t stop watching). We even got to have a professional photo shoot afterwards and despite the cold and the wind it was just the perfect end to the proposal.

I couldn’t have asked for anything more I still can’t quite believe it all happened to me!

Image 5 of Julia and Oleksandr

Proposal Planners: The Proposers | Photos by Sanshine Photography