Julia and Nick

Image 1 of Julia and Nick

How We Met: Nick’s office was four doors down from mine. I smiled at the cute guy down the hall and found small work projects as an excuse for small talk. Nick likes to say our relationship started with the Green Bay Packers. He got my number when he heard I was going to a game and bought me a beer at half time. He had to walk across the entire stadium to meet me. So when he returned back to his seat half-way through the third quarter his brother said, “you better marry that one”.

Nick officially asked me out after a week of sending me funny valentines and meeting me out for a drink. I awkwardly kissed his cheek on the way home and he asked if I had plans for tomorrow. I said no and he said good, don’t make any–I’d like to properly ask you out. Nick stayed up all night nervously thinking of how to ask me out on our first date. At work the next day I received a custom survey on my work email, asking me on a date. The first question was will you go out with me. I was so excited that I never knew until later that you couldn’t select no as an option. Clever Nick!

Nick’s sense of humor and thoughtfulness swept me off my feet and the rest was history.

how they asked: Since we started dating in Wisconsin I’d begun the argument of why Michigan was better. When Nick came home to meet my family for the first time I took him on a walk to the Holland lighthouse, Big Red. Nick snapped a shot on his i-phone and a few months later surprised me with a canvas. My obsession with said lighthouse may have been a little overboard and it was the cutest gift. The lighthouse was such a special place to me– a reminder of family, home, and the peacefulness of the lake. And it’s right on Lake Michigan — the lake Wisconsin and Michigan share.

Fast forward four years, and we’re home with my family in Michigan for Fourth of July –my favorite holiday. I thought/hoped/dreamed that Nick would propose that weekend as it would make my favorite time of year even better. But while we were making the drive to Michigan, Nick pointed at a billboard of diamond rings and said maybe we should go look at rings this weekend to give me some ideas. I was crushed. Perfect proposal was not happening.

On the day Nick proposed, we didn’t really have plans — family was still rolling in from out of town so Nick mentioned a few things we could do. He was so casual! I never guessed what he had up his sleeve. We went to dinner at a cute place on the lake and laughed and enjoyed the view. After dinner Nick suggested we take a walk to the lighthouse. As we took that same walk we had taken 4 years before Nick grabbed my hand called me Jules and got down on one knee.

Image 2 of Julia and Nick

I laughed and teared up and my heart was so happy.

Image 3 of Julia and Nick

Now we have another lighthouse picture to add to the collection and some day we’ll walk down that same pier with our kids and share the story of how our happily ever after began.

Image 4 of Julia and Nick

Photos by: Jon Lundstrom