Julia and Matt

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How We Met

Matt and I met in a musical theatre audition in 2016. We got cast in Green Day’s American Idiot as Johnny and Whatsername, two of the romantic leads. As our characters were falling in love onstage, we started dating and fell in love offstage. After the show ended, we continued to do theatre together, sing and play guitar together in our apartment, in addition to traveling the country and going on countless adventures. We moved to a new city and got cast in another production of American Idiot- this time as Tunny and Extraordinary Girl, two of the show’s other romantic leads. I felt so lucky to be playing these roles with the love of my life, in a show that meant so much to us both.

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How They Asked

We’re both huge Green Day fans, and “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” has always been “our song”. This is also the encore song of American Idiot. On the closing night of the show, in the middle of Good Riddance, Matt dropped his guitar pick on the stage and I saw him kneel to pick it up. When I looked back, I realized he wasn’t holding a guitar pick, but a ring! I was completely surprised, and so was the rest of the cast and the audience, who went crazy.

But it wasn’t a surprise to everyone: Matt had invited his family and some of our best friends to be in the audience that night, and had enlisted the help of our directors to film the proposal, since my parents live thousands of miles away in Hawaii and he wanted them to be able to see it. I could not have asked for a more perfect proposal, or a more incredible person to start the rest of my life with.

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