Julia and Marc

How We Met

The first words I ever heard Marc say were, “Are we actually going to ski today, or just talk about it?” We were on a ski trip with mutual friends and he had a girlfriend at the time, so it’s safe to say I wasn’t initially swooning! A few months went by and he decided to ask me on our first date TWO WEEKS before deploying – for seven months! We went on the date, I was pleasantly surprised, and then he left. He emailed me occasionally, to which I was very unresponsive – until Christmas Eve when I decided I’d talk to this guy after all. Fast forward 4 months and 150 pages of emails, and I was SO nervous for him to come back! I was too scared to greet him when he flew in, so I watched him fly his helicopter in from a distance and made him come meet me afterward. We immediately went on our second date at the same place we went on the first, and the rest is history!

Even though he didn’t make the best first impression, fast forward 3 years, a first date (2 weeks before deploying), months of emails halfway across the world, a year in San Diego, and one cross-country move…and here we are, with forever to go!

How They Asked

Over Christmas when we were visiting my home in San Diego, Marc planned a special day reliving our relationship – from coffee with the friend that introduced us, to lunch where we had our first date, to the bay where we had our first kiss, to the resort we frequented for fireside dinners and drinks, to the boardwalk where we always watched the sunset, to the beach where he first told me he loved me – and where he then asked me to spend the rest of my life with him!

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And he even had a dinner planned with my friends to celebrate! The best part is that I thought I had planned the whole day, but it turns out all of my friends were instructed to be free at certain times to coincide with his plan. I was also oblivious until he was down on one knee – so sneaky, and SO SWEET!!!

Special Thanks

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