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How We Met

In Canada, being bilingual is very important! It could be the difference maker between two candidates at an interview both vying for the same position! In my case, being fully bilingual helped me land the girl of my dreams! How you ask? Well here is the story of Luca and Julia…

September 2013. It was the first day back for University students and I can honestly say that my full disdain for everything to do with learning had officially sunk in 10 minutes into the French course I was enrolled in. “Another year of school, here we go,” I thought to myself… This was the mood until about 15 minutes when Julia walked into the classroom. Now that I think of it, I find it funny that my biggest pet peeve of Julia (her tardiness) is something that made her so noticeable to me the first time I laid eyes on her!

Of course, aside from her perfect makeup, her cute little body, her long eyelashes that no one can seem to ever stop asking “Hey, are those real?”, her big beautiful brown eyes, and those damn cheetah-print shoes she was wearing, it was her tardiness that definitely made her standout because she had to slip into her seat while the lecture was happening. While she may have been late to class, she couldn’t have walked into my life a moment sooner. I watched her walk from the door to her seat the entire time thinking to myself that I am going to date this girl. Not only did I date her, but now, I am going to marry her.

To make a long story short, and if need be, I can definitely make it a long one… Here’s what happened next!

We were assigned to go see a French play as part of the course. I knew I had to take the opportunity to ask Julia to go see this play with me! For the sake of being environmentally friendly, I figured we should definitely take one car! We exchanged numbers, texted, I sent her ridiculous images of myself and my cat, I basically did all her French homework (for the rest of the semester), and for the weeks leading up to the play, she may not know this, but we spent almost every day at school together. We studied together, I drove her home (adding 30 kms to my commute just to spend more time with her), we had lunch dates, etc. I basically used any excuse I could to see her and the best part of it all was that she let all the excuses happen without ever even noticing.

The night of the play finally came, and our first “date” was to occur. We grabbed a bite to eat, and I insisted we hurry a little, but I didn’t want to rush such an amazing night! By the time we got to the play, it had already started and they wouldn’t let us in! With my amazing luck, we got to reschedule and go on yet another “date” to see the play. I can honestly say I have been in love ever since.

I’ve never kissed another girl since the first time I kissed Julia and I feel so grateful knowing that I get to kiss her forever. True love is a real thing, and Julia and I are living proof.

how they asked

Let’s be clear on one thing – I’ve got a huge mouth! I can never keep a surprise hidden from Julia. Example – her birthday is October 29th, and she’s known for 2 weeks that her birthday present is 2 tickets to see Coldplay. It’s clear to me why I can never keep a secret; I get so much joy from seeing her happy! Planning the next soon to be spoiled surprise is always on my mind.

Now, let’s get this out of the way first. I’ve wanted to marry Julia since before I even spoke to her. Am I crazy? Alright, I am exaggerating a little bit. But… I knew really early on that she was the one. How could I not? Not only was she the one, but she is the only one that’s ever not made me doubt love. As a big John Mayer fan, I’ve always believed in searching for my “Magenta”. If you don’t know what I am talking about, let me speak the language of a hopeless romantic to you all:

“Life is like a box of crayons. Most people are the 8-color boxes, but what you’re really looking for are the 64-color boxes with the sharpeners on the back. I fancy myself to be a 64-color box, though I’ve got a few missing. I have a bit of a problem, though, in that I can only meet the 8-color boxes. Does anyone else have that problem? I mean, there are so many different colors of life, of feeling, of articulation… so when I meet someone who’s an 8-color type… I’m like, “hey girl, magenta!” and she’s like, “oh, you mean purple!” and she goes off on her purple thing, and I’m like, “no – I want magenta!”

That’s a John Mayer quote! Oh, and Julia? She is my “Magenta!” We can agree that when you find your Magenta, you don’t disappoint it – and most importantly, you never let it go and do everything to make the little moments mean as much as the big moments.

Now, for the proposal…

Remember my big mouth? Well, Julia and I, during a wine filled fun evening, were discussing how, if I was to propose to her, would be a good idea! “Family events are off limits,Luca!”, she told me. “Okay, okay!”, I replied. I must have suggested 4-5 ideas that evening – and all were given the stamp of approval. She confessed a few weeks later that some of the ideas were so good, even maybe too good, and that I had wasted them. Little did she know, me, being the confident planner that I am, already had my basic idea.

Drum roll…..

I decided to rent out an art galleria and create and exhibit of her and I. Now, the tricky part wasn’t even decorating it. I had fun with it! The tricky part was getting her down there. I came up with the brilliant idea of telling Julia we would be going to my mom’s choir’s concert in downtown Toronto. She ate that up and didn’t even leave a crumb. The seed was planted and I let it grow for around 3 weeks. It was cute to even see my mom lie about it. “We have a new choir director Julia!”, she exclaimed.

Julia never saw it coming! It was a huge surprise and all the little lies leading up to the day were all worth it.

Spoiler alert….SHE SAID YES!

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