Julia and Logan

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How We Met

One night before bed I received a text message from an unknown number. It was Logan, who got my number from a mutual friend of ours. He had seen me while I was video chatting with our friend Travis while they were on a hockey bus on the way to a game. I had never seen his face but he remembered me and when I broke up with my then boyfriend he made sure to make himself known. We texted back and forth for weeks until we finally met for our first date. The rest, as they say, is history…

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how they asked

It was our 4 year anniversary weekend and we made a trip to the beautiful city of Chicago, IL. We went to Six Flags Great America, a veggie fest, and out to dinner at the amazing Chicago Diner. After dinner Logan suggested we take a walk by the pier, he thought it would be romantic and I knew he had put a lot of thought into making the weekend special. I was just happy to be in Chicago with him. We drove around looking for a spot for our car so we could start our walk at the park. However, the night didn’t exactly go as planned.

There was a huge concert directly across the street from the park and they needed all the parking they could get. Traffic was being directed AWAY from where we needed to be. We drove further into the city and finally found a parking spot. We realized the park would be closing in 30 minutes and it would take us roughly 20 minutes to walk there, so we decided to run through the rain and “go for it” to make the most of the last night of our vacation.

(His secret plan was to take me to the Buckingham Fountain)

He got ready to make a run for it and I grabbed my umbrella. We’re running as fast as we can, turning corners and making our way through the city. After about ten minutes Logan checked his phone for directions again. We stopped and the rain poured down harder. He looked me and said “We’ve been going the wrong way this whole time!” I just started laughing and said, “can we please go back to the hotel now?”

The next thing Logan did was set his phone down on the windowsill behind him, and that’s when I knew…

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All I remember after that was seeing him holding this beautiful diamond ring and saying “…and be my wife?”

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Special Thanks

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