Julia and Kevin

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How We Met: It started out just like any fairy tale; I met my prince charming Kevin online! I never had luck in the bar or clubbing scene and was so glad I decided to sign up because we found out that we had zero mutual friends after we connecting on Facebook. After a week of texting nonstop, we finally met up for our first date.

Kevin and I clicked right away because one of our common passions is food. While walking to our first date, he said he loved the burgers at Sam’s in North Beach. Our relationship might have ended before it began because I thought it was one of the worst burgers I’ve ever had. He quickly suggested another burger he loved at Chambers + Eats and to forgo our original dinner plans. I took him up on the offer to see if we were actually “food compatible” and happily, it was delicious.

After dinner, we went to a Smashing Pumpkins concert. Alternative rock is usually not the type of music I listen to but I felt so at ease with Kevin and had the best time. We stood in the crowd of people close to the stage but it felt like just the two of us. The sparks flew that night and never left.

how they asked: Kevin surprised me with a weekend getaway in Napa saying it was to celebrate his promotion at work. I was suspicious all the days leading up to it because we usually plan activities together but he wanted to keep everything a secret for the first time in our relationship. We went to the Solage Spa and Resort in the Napa area for lunch and massages, laid by the pool, ate dinner at Redd restaurant and walked around downtown as the evening went on.

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I thought it was the perfect time to propose! After he suggested that we go bowling or to a movie after such an incredibly romantic day, I knew it was over. I sadly suggested we call it a night.

The next day we were supposed to meet up with friends for wine tasting so I thought for sure the proposal wouldn’t be happening anymore. But late morning came and our friends never showed up. After walking around the vineyards at an empty Tudal Winery in St. Helena (I found out later he reserved the whole morning just for us), Kevin led me to a table with flowers and a small box. And that’s when I knew. Kevin had a beautiful speech but I don’t remember much of it except, “Baby, will you marry me?” as he got on one knee.

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In the distance, I even saw our friend Michael popping out to taking pictures of the whole event. Kevin told me he had asked for my parents’ blessing weeks ago and arranged a dinner with both his and my family that night to celebrate if I said yes. I was so touched that he thought of all the details that I would have loved, especially including our families on our proposal day. I couldn’t have wished for a more romantic proposal. It truly was the best day of my life!

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Photos by: Michael Dare