Julia and Julian

Marriage Proposal Ideas in in a national park in Chile, South America

How We Met

It’s a story of modern times :) We met on tinder. We both didn’t have high hopes for the dating app and our expectations were very low. I postponed the first date several times but when he said “hey, I know where you can get the best pizza in town. Wanna have some beers and pizza tonight?” I thought why the hell not. When we met it wasn’t love at first sight, but we got along really well and it helped that he had been a captain of tall ships, so he had a lot of wild sailing stories to tell about being out in the open ocean and sinking ships. We kept seeing each other and before we knew it we were living together and had a dog and boat.

How They Asked

He had had the ring for half a year and he knew we were planning a 6 week trip through Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. So he had picked this spot by a volcano at a lake in Chile months in advance and on the day we were going there it was rainy and foggy all day. When we got to the lake you couldn’t even see the volcano. But suddenly the clouds cleared away and the rain stopped, just for the hour while we were there. After that, the clouds came back and it started to hail and snow!! But for that one hour, where the sky was perfect, not a single soul was around, so we had the whole lake to ourselves, and that’s where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.
I’m a photographer and thought we were just taking some cute pictures, so I had set the camera up with a self-timer! Little did I know…

Engagement Proposal Ideas in in a national park in Chile, South America

Special Thanks

Julia Liebisch-Peschl
 | Photographer