Julia and Josh

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How We Met

It was August 23, 2013, and freshman move-in day at Bowling Green State University. I was heading up to my dorm room with my parents to move my things in for the first time on a very hot and muggy day. When I walked into the room, I expected to see my roommate there, but instead I discovered a boy sitting at my desk- Josh! He was there to help my roommate move in. He was older, seemed very cocky, and I wasn’t interested. I tried to avoid him for weeks and he was so persistent for me to give him the time of day. It was almost a month later when I finally agreed to go on a date, and I saw how sweet and funny he was. We have been together ever since!

how they asked

I knew something was up with Josh during the weekend in June last year that our best friends Sam and Kelsey were supposed to come and visit us in Ohio. They make the trip up to see us every summer, so this was a normal occurrence, but I couldn’t help to suspect that something was different about this visit. This was two months after I returned home from studying abroad in Spain- and living 8 months apart from Josh, with an ocean between us. We had discussed marriage and our life together- we knew that we were ready. It was just a question of WHEN.

That same weekend, we were planning on celebrating the birthday of another friend of ours, Ashley. A big group of us organized a day trip to Cedar Point- the roller coaster capital! I was so excited for a fun time with friends. When we got there I headed to the bathroom, and no sooner was I inside then Kelsey was handing me a bag and saying, “quick, change into this!” I looked into the bag and was so confused– she had a cute outfit packed for me. “Why would I wear this when we are about to ride roller coasters?” I asked. “Just do it!” she instructed. I obeyed, but as soon as I entered the stall I was shaking all over. When I came out, Kelsey was no longer there, and my friend Meredith instructed me to quickly wash my hands. They were making me so nervous and paranoid! As I was leaving the restroom I noticed a huge mass of people standing right outside, and instinctively I tried to move around them to head back to our group of friends. “No, go through them!” Meredith told me. I noticed that the people were lined up in two lines, making an aisle between them for me to walk through. As I made my way down the line, everyone was screaming my name and clapping. It felt like I was in the scene of a movie, and I remember thinking “What?! This kind of stuff doesn’t happen to me!” I saw Josh standing at the end of the line beaming at me, and I almost lost it. I KNEW what was going to happen!

When I reached Josh, he took my hands in his, and I saw that he had tears forming in his eyes. He explained that he wanted to ask me to marry him at a time and place that I would never expect, and boy was he right about that, because even though I had my suspicions, I never would have expected it to happen at an amusement park! But, it was perfect. He got down on one knee, and that was the easiest “Yes!” I’ve ever said in my life. Everyone started cheering and it was so awesome to have some of my closest friends right there with us to celebrate. We spent the rest of the day riding roller coasters and gushing over our new relationship status. I couldn’t have imagined it to be any more perfect or “us.” :)

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Special Thanks

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