Julia and Jordan

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How We Met

My fiance and I were born and raised in the same hometown and attended the same elementary, middle, and high school. The first time I can actually recall noticing him was when we were twelve and thirteen, I was a cheerleader and he was on the middle school football team. He had caught a ball and was tackled by the opposing team and was thrown off of the field onto the track. At that game, he had broken his collarbone in several places. He was immediately escorted off the field by an ambulance and went on to have surgery the following day.

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Fast foward two years, we are now freshman and sophomores in high school. I get a text from a random number that turned out to be Jordan! I remember being so nervous texting him because I had never talked to a guy before. One week later, he showed up at my volleyball game and asked me to go to the fall formal with him. On October 25th, he asked me to be his girlfriend over text (how romantic lol) and the rest is history. We have now been dating for almost six years, and are planning a wedding for June 3rd, 2023. What is so special about our love story is that we have had the privilege of growing up together. We have both gone through so many big milestones in our lives, and we have gotten to experience them together. At the age of fourteen, I knew in my heart that Jordan would be my husband one day. A love story like ours is very rare, but I would not give up or change the last six years for the world. A love like this was so beyond worth the wait.

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How They Asked

On May 27th, 2022, my best friend since I was five came to my house and had a full day planned of activites that would distract me from what was going on around me. We went to brunch, shopped at the mall, and went on a long walk at one of my favorite parks in the city of Dallas. After our walk, we went back to my house to freshen up and she told me that she had a surprise photoshoot planned for us at a fun location. I totally believed this because I love to take pictures and have pictures taken of me. She said that it had been too long since we had good photos taken of us, so as a gift, she had hired a photographer and booked a session. We both got fixed up and put on dresses, and she drove to what I would soon find out would be my proposal location.

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We pulled up to Grapevine Lake and started walking toward the sailboats. In the distance, I see who I think is Jordan standing at the edge of a sailboat, also dressed very nicely. I look over at my best friend who was beaming from ear to ear, and instantly knew exactly what was going on. Jordan had hired a private captain and sailboat to take us out onto the water where he proposed in the middle of the lake. I had waited for this moment for six years, and Jordan had exceeded every expectation I could have ever had. Our proposal felt like it was straight out of a dream. It truly was the happiest moment of my life.

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