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So Jeff and I have been together four years now, we met at work. He had told me that he won tickets to the Escape Room. We had never done one, so I was excited to go. The day that we were supposed to go, I was not feeling so well. I tried canceling three times but he was persistent. He kept saying that if we didn’t go that we would lose the tickets. So I pulled myself together and went. Looking back I now realize why he was so insistent that we go. ;) The escape room is located in Belmont park where there are carnival rides, games and its right on the beach. So we go and walk around for a little bit, play some games have some drinks and watch the sunset, while we were waiting for our turn. Soon it was our turn to try and escape. We have had some friends do it and they were out around the 30-minute mark.

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I thought that we would be out way before the hour was up, not true! Jeff is an amazing problem solver but this day he just wasn’t on his game, to the point I was starting to get frustrated. Every time I figured a clue out and was about to open something to retrieve the next clue he would run over and sort of push me out of the way. It was starting to annoy me. He confessed that he didn’t know where they had hidden the vial with the poem. So he kept running over to ensure that it wasn’t it. So we literally had 5 minutes left to get out of this room. We get to the final clue to unlock the door. Two vials come out one is for me the other for him. At this moment I have my back to him because I am trying to read what the paper says. I start to read the “clue”.

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Working together and communicating Is how you win this game Looking for clues you will Learn to rely on each other You build trust and Often the comfort of Unconditional love Making many memories And a lot of laughter and smiles Relieved to be yourself and full of enjoyment Resulting in the happiest life You are my partner and best friend Make me the happiest man on Earth and be my bride.

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So it was not a clue but an amazing poem that he wrote himself. All the first letters spell Will You Marry Me. I didn’t see that till he pointed it out to me. I obviously started crying and when I turned around he was there on one knee holding open a ring box. All I could do was shake my head because I was crying. I can honestly say I was surprised.I had no clue that it was happening.He had hidden it in his sock. I would have noticed if it was in his pocket. He is a very clever man. We open the door and the whole team and owners are there cheering and congratulating us. This was the first time that they ever had anyone do this. Now I understood why he was so off and not figuring anything out in the room, he was nervous. Also on top of all that he had hired two photographers to follow us around and take pictures of us. Not only do we have the pictures but we have the video too. There is so much more but this is the short version :)

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