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How We Met

Garrett and I met when I was still in highschool, and he was in college at Mercer University. We’ve now been dating three years. For the past three years, he would visit in Valdosta (his hometown and my hometown), and I would always visit him in Macon, Georgia (his current home).

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how they asked

On March 19th, 2016, Garrett had the whole day planned out. I was riding up to Macon with Garrett’s parents for an event that turned out to be made up. His parents dropped me off in front of his apartment doors. I couldn’t get in the building, so I was trying to call him to let me in. When I was calling, my best friend (who lives in Auburn) walks out of the main entrance of his apartment building. I was so surprised. We walked inside, and she gave me a box with #1 on it. I opened the box, and it was a clue leading me to another location on Mercer’s Campus. We walked to Mercer’s Football Stadium where my best friend from 5th grade was waiting with a #2 box. Her clue led me to their Greek row in front of his fraternity’s house. We walked together, and once I got to the fraternity house, Garrett’s younger brother Gavin was waiting with a bouquet of white roses and clue #3. (The white roses are symbolic to his fraternity). We then walked to Garrett’s freshman dorm which was where he lived the first time I ever visited Mercer. My best friend from high school and college was waiting there with clue #4. We then walked to the quad, which is mine and Garrett’s “picture taking spot”. We always have to take a picture at that spot, because it is so beautiful any time of the year. When we got there, my sister was waiting with a box that said a familiar car would come pick us up. We were then picked up by Garrett’s little brother in his fraternity and drove to a local restaurant, The Rookery, (#5 clue) for lunch that was prepaid for. After lunch, we were picked back up, and we were driven to go let us five girls get our nails done (#6 clue). After getting picked up from getting our nails done, I was given the final clue in the car that said it was almost time. I had no clue where we were about to go, because every place I could think of in Macon was a part of the scavenger hunt. Needless to say, he incorporated every memory from all of our 3 years of dating into this scavenger hunt. We then drove to a church in downtown Macon which is sentimental, because Garrett’s fraternity’s founders wrote the creed in that church back in the 1800s. We all got out of the car, and I walked in the church while all my friends waited outside. As I walked in the church, Garrett had the day we started stating (March 30th, 2013), and had pictures in chronological order from that day to March 19th, 2016 the day we got engaged. As I walked to the end of the pews, Garrett was waiting in a circle of pictures. He then showed me a bible he got made with my new name on it. He also showed me a cross his grandfather made out of wood to put on our mantle in our home when we get married. Garrett then got down on one knee and made me the happiest girl alive. I said YES! After he proposed, we walked outside, and my family was there with his family and our friends whom were holding up a sign that said Congrats!

Special thanks to: Matt for driving us everywhere. Grant and Andrew for taking hundreds of gorgeous pictures to help us remember the day. Garrett’s parents for helping him set up everything in the church. My family and friends for driving and coming to celebrate this special day!

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