Julia and Gabriel

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How We Met

We met when we were 13 years old. We had common friends and we would meet randomly in Yahoo messenger chat groups and school fairs. I remember I enjoyed talking to him over chat and he always made me laugh, but we were interested seeing other people then and remained as friends. One summer, he just came back from the US for vacation and our friends decided to hang out. I agreed to tag along, and I don’t know how it all went that night, but I definitely felt a spark of chemistry between the two of us. We started chatting in Yahoo Messenger the next day and ended up chatting the whole night until we finally admitted we liked each other. That was it, that was how it all started, and we never let go ever since. We have been together now for 12 years :)

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how they asked

We were in Maui celebrating our 12th year anniversary. Being a planner freak, I had all our days laid out on things to do and things to see. On one of our last snorkeling beach spot before we head back to our apartment, he admitted that he had a surprise for me and that I needed to move quickly to see this beach. Being a fan of surprises, we snorkeled one of Maui’s best snorkeling spots for only 15 minutes and left to go back to the apartment. He said the surprise was for dinner and I had to dress up and do my make up and leave in under 15 minutes. He said I might get sea sick so I need to prepare. So I showered, dressed up and did my make up as quick as I could, and he was rushing me and told me that there’s a boat and it might leave us! So in panic, I was stressing over my small bag to fit my phone and go pro to make sure I can get the best photos during the sunset cruise. I saw panic in his eyes when he was driving as fast as he could as we might miss the boat. After getting lost, and stressing out.. We got to the beach finally! I was trying to look for a boat or where they would dock. I was wearing my 3 inch platform heels and he asked me to hike around the beach. I am not a happy hiker – there were rocks, i had to remove my shoes, the hike was complicated, and I was trying to be in my best mood. We finally get to the beach and we saw a boat from a distance, and Gabriel panicked and went on the phone calling that the boat had left us. We step in to the beach, walking in the sand, towards orchid flowers shaped like a heart. And I remember Gabriel telling me – What’s that?! :-o and I’m like.. uhmmmm what’s going on? He brought me to that spot, and there was a photo book that said “22 things I want to do with you” I picked it up and it listed things we wanted to do together..

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I remember getting impatient wanting to learn what the 22nd thing was! The last few listed – I want to wake up in the morning with you, I want to grow old with you and I want to marry you :-) He got down on his knee and proposed and I said YES! And while I was hugging him and I was crying, I saw someone with huge lens taking a picture of us and I told Gabriel – I think someone is taking a photo of us, it’s a bit creepy. I found out it was our secret photographer, Amber – who then led us to our engagement shoot. It was such a special moment and I will be remembering this for the rest of my life. To my fiancee – thank you for making this special. I love you for always spoiling me with your love, attention and efforts :)

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Special Thanks

Engaged on Maui - Amber
 | Photographer