Julia and Fernando

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How we met

Fernando: We met at the Senior Year of High School. Back then we were classmates. I had to skip one week of classes and she was an extremely dedicated student. She offered to take notes of the classes for me. She did an incredible job, copying everything in different colors and even the smallest details. I was overwhelmed by her dedication. We started to talk frequently online and I started to call her my little angel. One week later was her turn to skip one week, and then, of course, I copied everything for her. And she started to call me little angel as well. About two weeks later, she invited me to join a birthday dinner of a friend in common. I went to the restaurant, but I was very nervous and act extremely awkward, maybe because we were very close on the internet, but hadn’t seen each other during this time. So nothing happened. She even doubt if we would have another date with me. Luckily I invited her to have lunch on the mall and she accepted. We kissed there. And since this moment we began to act like boyfriend and girlfriend. I asked formally 10 days later to be her boyfriend. But until today we celebrate our anniversary on our first kiss day. Because this is when everything started. November, 19th, 2009.

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Julia: I remember one of the first times I saw him. He was very handsome and confident, we were on the break between classes and we had some friends in common, so we end up on the same group. He was bragging about having an older girlfriend, and at that point I thought “what a child!” But we started to talk more often and I had the chance to know him better and see that he was not that kind of men that I thought he was. At some point his relationship was over. One day he had to skip one week of class and I offered to take notes for him. It was nothing special, I just gave him notes exactly like mine. But he was impressed anyway. From this point we started to have long conversations online, we talked about everything, it was like we knew each other forever. The week after that was my turn to skip classes so he offered to take notes for me. We use to take the same essay course, but on different classes, but one day I arrived at class and saw him. At that point I was sure that he was interested in me like I was in him.

Some weeks later i invited him to an birthday dinner of one of my best friends. I was really excited to see him because we were talking a lot online, but hadn’t seen each other for a while. But it was the most awkward situation I had ever been through with a guy. He was extremely nervous and totally stiff, he didn’t seem comfortable at all and didn’t seem to know how to act around me. This just didn’t match the confident, outgoing guy that I knew! at that point I thought I didn’t want to go out with him anymore.

But we had been talked a lot, and I really liked him! So I decided to give him one more shot. He invited me to have lunch on the mall before class. On this date he was exactly like I knew him, confident, outgoing and amusing. We kissed and from that point he started acting like my boyfriend, on the break between classes he was with me the whole time, holding my hand. This impressed me, because I really liked him and in that moment I could feel that he liked me too. Everything happened really fast between us, and 10 days later he met my family and asked formally I if I would like to be his girlfriend. But for us, we were already in a relationship sine 19th of November 2009, and that is the date we celebrate every year.

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how they asked

Fernando: It was my first vacation of my first job, and I have always dreamed on visiting New York, so we decided to go. During the planning of the trip, I realized we would start living together as soon as possible. I am living in another city to work, and she is living in our home city to finish college, but as soon as she finish it, we could start to live together. Then, I decided to use this wonderful situation to ask her in a very special way, as she deserved.

Started to google it and found the Proposal007 team. And then, contracted a service of a singer with guitar to sing our favorite song (Lucky, by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat). Also contracted the printing of 50 photos of us to be hanged in ropes at a venue in Central Park. And of course, a photographer: Vlad Leto. I planned to do something very intimate, simple like we both like, but also put a lot of special details like out favorite song and out photos.

As we talked a lot about getting married, she was totally aware that I should pop the question during the trip. When I asked her to pick a special outfit to go to Central Park, she was completely expecting it. But it was totally worth it. Contracting Proposal007 to make this moment even more special and register everything was a very nice move.

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Julia: We have been talking about getting married for years now. We already lived for a year during an exchange program in Budapest, so we were looking forward to live together again. He graduated from college and went to another city to work. This was very difficult for us at the beginning because we were really attached to each other. I was going to graduate on the following year and wanted to move to a city that is really close to his, so we started talking about getting married. I know him very well, and when we started planning to go to New York on his vacation I knew that he was going to propose. He is not very good on keeping me out of any plans so he ended up giving some hints. I knew it would be in New York, I guessed it would be in Central Park, I knew that had something to do with our photos and I knew the day because he told me to pick a special outfit.


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But even with all this I was completely overwhelmed! I never expected something so especial, beautiful, intimate, and perfect. We were walking around Central Park, enjoying the beautiful day, when he conduced me upstairs, in a very reserved area.

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When we got there I saw a guitarist playing our favorite song on the entrance of a stunning gazebo decorated with our photos and some candles on the floor. The atmosphere was truly magic! He was very touched, could barely speak. And among lots of tear I said yes to the love of my life!

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Special Thanks

Vlad Leto
 | photographer
Tatiana Caicedo
 | proposal planner