Julia and Evan

Julia and Evan's Engagement in In a hot air balloon with some of our closest friends

How We Met

Evan and I first met online on P.O.F. (Plenty of Fish). I was with a friend one night and she randomly downloaded the app to my phone. I thought I’d entertain the idea for the evening and long behold, that night Evan and I started talking. Evan was so easy to talk to and the biggest sweet heart. However, when we it came time to meet, I canceled.

Where to Propose in In a hot air balloon with some of our closest friends

Proposal Ideas In a hot air balloon with some of our closest friends

He told me later he didn’t think it’d ever happen with us until I texted him the next day to hang out. We met two days later at my favorite restaurant and really hit it off. Evan is 7 1/2 years older than me which allowed him to instantly know I was the one for him. He told me within the first 3 weeks of dating that he’d marry me some day.

how they asked

When it came time to propose, I thought it was happening in the fall. I wanted to surprise Evan with a birthday breakfast at this famous place in the area and invite both of our families. I had all my brothers and their spouses coming (all too willing) and Evan had no idea. Leading up to the morning of, my mom was acting super weird and asking me all sorts of random questions, down to what shoes I’d wear to breakfast.

My dad had gotten a hotel (since breakfast would be at 6AM) and we drove down the night before. Evan had been away to Alaska for 10 days prior to this and yet when I arrived in town, he didn’t want to see me (later finding out that he didn’t want to spill the beans). The next morning I was taking my time getting ready but my mom was trying to rush me out the door. We as were driving to the what I thought was the restaurant, my mom kept trying to make small talk but it just seemed way too early for it.

As my dad began to pull into the hot air balloon place, I was really confused as to why we weren’t at the restaurant yet. That is until I saw my younger brother, his girlfriend, my two best friends and Evan standing their with Evan’s parents. When I got out, my mom handed me my sneakers (it’s why she asked what shoes I was bringing). We proceeded to get into the hot air balloon and not even 10 minutes in the air, he proposed to me!

It was beautiful with the sun rising and just seeing the world wake up around us as we had experienced this amazing moment with some of my favorite people. When we landed, the rest of our families were there (since they all knew about the proposal). Everything finally made sense as to why everyone was so willing to get up super early just for breakfast!