Julia and Daniel

Proposal Ideas Central Park

How We Met

Danny and I first met in the first week of my freshman year of college at Georgetown University. He was a junior at the time and was interviewing new students to be in the student-run credit union on campus and, as luck would have it, he interviewed me…and I ended up working in his department!

Over the next two years we dated other people, but at the very end of his senior year, when he stepped down from his position, we finally started dating. He was moving to New York for work but we decided to try things out and see if we could do long distance. Luckily that ended up working out and we recently decided to move to the suburbs of Philly where he is from!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Central Park

how they asked

Two years ago when Danny first moved to New York we decided to spend the day walking around Central Park. He loves reading and always likes to ask me literary trivia questions. That day he decided to ask me if I knew which books Morgan La Fay was a character in. I had absolutely no idea, and he knew that. We had recently heard of a bunch of people getting engaged in the park so he jokingly told me that if I got the question right he would propose right then and there. Somehow I guessed correctly (who knows how?!) and we both laughed it off. Two years later we were walking through and Danny decided to follow up on his word from back then :) He proposed just past the pond where the trails start to wind through the park and get private and secluded. It was just the two of us when he was proposed, but that was perfect for us. We followed up the proposal by walking to our favorite bakery for chocolate chip cookies nearby!