Julia and Constantine

How We Met

My fiancé’s name is Constantine and he is one of my closest friends’ first cousins. We have casually known each other for a little over 10 years but after attending Electric Zoo together in 2016 we began dating and the rest is history! It was like it was meant for us to be in each other’s lives and meet at the point we did!

How They Asked

Constantine had started planning this entire engagement months ago when we booked our trip to Greece. First things first, he spoke to my mother and sister and eventually asked my fathers permission.

He wasn’t sure when he wanted to do it, he had a few ideas like maybe on the plane heading there or at sunset while staying in Oìa, Santorini. When we arrived in Santorini we had some drama with our Airbnb which resulted in us canceling it and making a reservation elsewhere. This was all going on the afternoon of the day he planned on proposing! Once canceled and booked elsewhere, Constantine had to haul our luggage out of the Airbnb which was over 100 steps down in Oìa! We finally got to our new hotel and it was PERFECT!

We had a terrace with a perfect view of the sunset! I was running slightly late for this sunset and he was hounding me to hurry up or we were going to miss it. My makeup was done but I was still in my robe and hotel slippers with wet hair so I said: “okay fine let’s just go take this photo!” As we went outside he wanted to get the gentleman at the front desk to take the picture for us, so he came upstairs and as I’m about to start posing he pulls something out of his secret pocket he had gotten sewn into his pants and got down on one knee! The ring was everything and anything I had ever dreamed of! It was the most romantic and special engagement and I still replay the video just to relive this wonderful moment over and over again!

Our Video

Special Thanks

The Impressive One Hotel
 | The wonderful employee George came and shot the video when my fiancée was unable to find a photographer on short notice