Julia and Chris

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How We Met

Cj and I met in a very unique way. We’ve gone to school with each other since middle school, but never really talked. So back in 2011, I had a horse that I used to board down the street from his house. One that day, one of his friends that liked me went to the barn with me and wanted to go for a trail ride. I agreed, but my horse wasn’t a fan. Anyways, so we started down the driveway, me on the horse and the friend walking and he mentioned that his buddy lives right down the street. I of course have seen his buddy pass me a few times and he was always so sweet and waved to me. I acting like I had no idea who he was talking about, but I told him that we should ride/walk down to his house. When we got to his house, his friend walked over to talk to his dad about the truck they were working on and Cj walked over to me to introduce himself. Of course, storybook moment until…. my horse ruined to moment! I was so embarrassed as to what just happened. Cj told me don’t worry about it, he’ll take care of it. Later that day, I texted him and apologized again, but secretly I just wanted to talk to him again. One day after another, we just kept talking and hanging out, and the rest is history!

Julia and Chris's Engagement in St. Augustine, FL

how they asked

So “I” had the idea that we should go to St. Augustine Dec. 2nd weekend to spend some time with his sister, Christie and her husband. His dad,Chris and his girlfriend, Pam wanted to come too, so Pam took off of work for that weekend. So finally the weekend came, and Cj and I left first to head to Christie’s with our camper in tow. Chris and Pam followed behind us a few hours later since Pam had to work late.

Christie had Saturday all planned out for us that we were going to go to the lighthouse in the morning and then go downtown for the rest of the day. Not thinking anything of it, I threw on workout clothes, sneakers and my hair up in a mess to go climb the 166 steps to the top of the lighthouse. When we arrived at the lighthouse parking lot, Christie and Shelby were talking to each other to not forget their phones so that they can take pictures from the top for once. I thought that they had a good idea, and I made sure to grab mine too. When we bought our tickets, Cj decided to buy a 1 year membership for if we want to tour the lighthouse a few more times this year. Still oblivious, I thought nothing of it. Christie had a big purse with her, which I thought was strange, but whatever. When we were walking to the top, I was following along Christie and she was holding on so tight to that big on the way up. She kept saying how her hands are going to get sweaty because shes afraid of heights…okay. Still oblivious, I’m laughing at her. Finally, we got the top and were enjoying the view. I just got finished joking with Christie, that if I were a guy, I would propose on the top of the lighthouse because it was unique. Christie laughed and I still didn’t think anything of it. We were at the top for a while and Cj was sticking with Christie. Finally, they both made their way around to me. Cj told me to look over the edge and look down. When I turned back around to look at him….there he was, down on one knee. It was the most amazing moment of my life. Everything is such a blur and I don’t remember much what happened next. All I know is that I cried like a baby.

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