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How We Met

Julia and Bryce first met around Easter 2017, but it wasn’t until January 2018 that they went on their first date. The phrase “When you know, you know” couldn’t be truer for these lovebirds! It didn’t take long for them to realize that this was it… God had led them to their spouse! For Easter 2018, Bryce brought Julia home to Dallas to meet his family, and their approval sealed the deal. When Bryce asked Julia’s parents for their blessing to marry, they couldn’t have been happier. He arranged for both parents to meet and planned the perfect proposal.

how they asked

Bryce knew he wanted to surprise his bride-to-be with her dream proposal. They had a trip to Florida planned months in advance for the 60th wedding anniversary of his grandparents. It was a big family reunion, and all of Bryce’s relatives would be there that weekend. Bryce knew that if he could get Julia’s family to secretly fly in, he could pull off the perfect surprise proposal.

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Towards the end of their vacation, Julia and the Taylors drove to New Smyrna Beach. As a boy, Bryce visited this beach often with his family and has fond memories there from his childhood. The Taylors told Julia they would be taking Christmas card photos at the beach, which was an excuse for everyone to get dressed up. What she didn’t know was that early that morning, her parents, brother, and puppy, Blitzen, had flown into Florida and that the whole family would be there that evening when Bryce got down on one knee!

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The Farrells arrived at New Smyrna Beach around 4:00 p.m., right before Christmas card photos were taken. They hid in the Taylors’ condo so Julia wouldn’t spot them. When the photos were done, Bryce took Julia on a romantic walk by the ocean. As soon as Julia and Bryce were out of sight, the Farrells came out of hiding and met the Taylors on the beach. Together, they began setting up for the proposal.

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Bryce had written a beautiful three-page letter professing his love for Julia and letting her know how special she will always be to him. (One of Bryce’s passions is writing, and he’s had a number of poems and short stories published.) The letter was placed in a clear bottle and the Taylors half-buried it in the sand so that it appeared to be a “message in a bottle” that had washed up on the seashore. The Taylors and the Farrells then waited for the couple to return.

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After walking for about ten minutes, Bryce suggested they head back to the condo because they had dinner reservations. He discreetly led Julia to the bottle that his family had planted in the sand. He “accidentally” stumbled upon it and suggested Julia pick it up and see what was inside.

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After reading the first few lines, Julia knew the letter had been written by Bryce. She became emotional at his loving words and they read the letter together under the late afternoon sun. At one point, Julia looked up to wipe away her tears, and that’s when she saw her brother, Andrew, approaching with Blitzen! She was in total shock. And as they got closer, Julia saw that Blitzen was wearing a collar that said “Ring Bearer.”

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Bryce unzipped the collar and pulled out the little box that held the engagement ring. Julia was overcome with emotion when she then saw her parents nearby and realized what was happening. Bryce got down on one knee and proposed in front of both of their families. And Julia said YES! Hugs and happy tears were shared on the beach by both families. Even bystanders on the beach stopped to watch the excitement!

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After hugs and tears were shared on the beach, the Taylors and the Farrells went out for a lovely dinner where the couple opened gifts, enjoyed cake, and celebrated the beginning of their engagement!

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